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William Shatner is going on a zero-gravity flight, and you can join him

Ground control to Major Tom, William Shatner is about to become a Rocket Man in zero gravity.

William Shatner to play Two-Face in new Batman vs. Two-Face animated feature
Oct 10, 2016

Star Trek royalty William Shatner will voice Harvey Dent in upcoming DC Animation feature.

Star Trek Beyond gag reel features Shatner impressions, broken doors and Karl Urban adorableness
Oct 5, 2016

The expectations were a bit low, but Star Trek Beyond turned out to be one of the best Trek films in years. Part of that was due to the humor embedded into the script, but it turns out there was also some hilarious bits left on the cutting room floor.

William Shatner says Star Wars "created" Star Trek. Here's why.
Aug 8, 2016

William Shatner managed to put phasers on stun during the show’s 50th-anniversary Las Vegas convention over the weekend when the Canadian actor stated Star Wars had saved Star Trek.

William Shatner would 'absolutely' return as Captain Kirk in a new Trek film
Feb 5, 2016

Ever since J.J. Abrams brought back Leonard Nimoy (R.I.P.) for the rebooted Star Trek film series, fans have been wondering whether William Shatner might also get one more shot in the spotlight.

William Shatner says he's not beaming aboard director Justin Lin's Star Trek Beyond
Jan 5, 2016

Looks like William Shatner's Capt. Kirk will be missing out on the new Star Trek movie. Again.

William Shatner still wants to do a Star Trek 50th anniversary special...but as a musical?
Nov 10, 2015

The original Captain James T. Kirk is still trying to get a Star Trek special off the ground.

Ladies of Kirk book project hits crowdfunding goal, aims to chronicle Trek love
Sep 9, 2015

You could write a book about all the ladies Capt. James T. Kirk has loved and lost over the years ... and, it turns out, someone actually did.

Report: William Shatner working on official biography of Leonard Nimoy
Aug 31, 2015

The late Leonard Nimoy will get to "live long and prosper" thanks to the mind-melding pen of his BFF William Shatner.

William Shatner is captaining the first official Star Trek cruise
Aug 13, 2015

The first official Star Trek cruise will boldly go to Nassau and Great Stirrup Cay.

Image of the Day: William Shatner reveals this moving Star Trek selfie tribute to Leonard Nimoy
Aug 10, 2015

William Shatner unveiled this touching tribute to the late Leonard Nimoy made out of selfies sent by over 6,000 Star Trek fans.

Why William Shatner hated Captain Kirk's uniform in Star Trek
Jul 16, 2015

William Shatner disliked the uniform Captain Kirk wore on Star Trek. Here's why.