William Gibson

WATCH: The year's scariest dystopian short film is from the U.S. Army
Oct 14, 2016

Sprawling slums overrun by gangs. A limitless dark cyber network. A wealthy elite distant from the misery on the streets. And an overtasked military that can't cope with the chaos. Sound like the next summer blockbuster? According to a slick short video just released by the Pentagon, it could be our reality in 2030. 

Check out 1st cool poster for long-delayed Neuromancer movie
Jul 4, 2015

Jacked up for the long-awaited Neuromancer film? Take a look at the cool close-up image in the film's teaser one-sheet and try not to flatline before it comes to theaters.

If sci-fi author William Gibson could time-travel, this is the question he'd answer
Oct 24, 2014

Living legend William Gibson has written some of the coolest sci-fi and cyberpunk stories ever put to paper, but what would he do if he had a working time machine?

Read Neuromancer author William Gibson's unused Alien 3 script
Mar 27, 2013

An unused script for Alien 3, written by legendary sci-fi novelist William Gibson, has been posted online for your reading pleasure.

William Gibson's unfilmed Alien 3 script now a videogame
Dec 15, 2012

Well, sorta. The producers behind the new Aliens: Infestation Nintendo DS game have incorporated some elements of the science-fiction trailblazer's discarded early draft.

Image of the Day: Only survivor of William Gibson's Alien 3 script
Dec 15, 2012

According to Wikipedia—and Gibson himself on Twitter—the ONLY thing that survived from his original Alien 3 script and made it into the movie was this barcode tattoo.

Rumor of the Day: Bruce Willis will star in a Neuromancer film
Dec 15, 2012

WIlliam Gibson's landmark 1984 novel—which won almost every award a science fiction book can win and added the word cyberspace to the common tongue—has been bandied about as a film for years. Is Bruce Willis finally the man to make it happen?

18 amazing storyboards for a Neuromancer film that never happened
Dec 15, 2012

Back in 2006, hyper-stylistic music video director Joseph Kahn was attached to a film adaptation of William Gibson's novel Neuromancer. It's unclear precisely why it fell apart, but it did—and one of the few remaining artifacts of its existence is this batch of storyboards.

William Gibson calls Star Wars 'retrograde' sci-fi, prefers Blade Runner
Dec 14, 2012

William Gibson's Neuromancer—winner of the Hugo, Nebula and Philip K. Dick Awards—is finally heading for the big screen. And who knows? Maybe thanks to Splice's Vincenzo Natali, it could become a classic. But what does Gibson think about a couple of other classic sci-fi films?

Greatest sci-fi novel ever* to FINALLY be filmed
Dec 14, 2012

Some people consider William Gibson's Neuromancer the greatest science fiction novel ever. And one filmmaker thinks it's time to bring Neuromancer to the big screen

William Gibson recommends these 10 science fiction novels to you
Dec 14, 2012

William Gibson recommends 10 science fiction books.