Willem Dafoe

Spider-Man actor Willem Dafoe joins the cast of Zack Snyder's Justice League
Apr 19, 2016

Willem Dafoe is shedding his villain status and joining the "good guys" in the upcoming superhero movie.

Willem Dafoe knocks the 'cynical' Amazing Spider-Man reboot ... again
Oct 3, 2013

Willem Dafoe still hasn't seen The Amazing Spider-Man, but that won't stop him from labeling it a "cynical" money grab.

Why did John Carter tank? Baffled Willem Dafoe has his own theory
Dec 17, 2012

A lot of people are still puzzling over why John Carter didn't fare better at the box office, particularly after we all saw the scale of the visual feast director Andrew Stanton prepared for us. Co-star Willem Dafoe is just as baffled as we are ... but he does have a theory.

Spidey's Green Goblin says new pic can't match 'charm' of Raimi's
Dec 17, 2012

Norman Osborn's Green Goblin may have been a major player in Sam Raimi's original trilogy of Spider-Man films, but that classic character was relegated to the shadows (literally) in Marc Webb's recent reboot. So what does the original Goblin Willem Dafoe think of the new film? Apparently, not much.

You'll need a hug after watching moving Last Day On Earth trailer
Dec 16, 2012

You'd better have a handful of happy pills and your Barney doll handy following this inspiring but depressing trailer for Abel Ferrara's new doomsday film, 4:44 Last Day On Earth.

Watch our exclusive video interviews with the stars of John Carter
Dec 16, 2012

Why is director Andrew Stanton sure you'll love his upcoming film John Carter? Because he believes that, "If I could read a book in 1976 that was written in 1912 and love it for what it was, then I can trust the people of 2012 will like it for the same reasons."

Willem Dafoe gets his ass to John Carter of Mars
Dec 14, 2012

The actor joins Taylor Kitsch and Lynn Collins in Andrew Stanton's adaption of Edgar Rice Burroughs' book.