Willa Holland

Arrow actress blasts DC for killing off Suicide Squad + keeping the universes separate
Jun 1, 2016

Arrow star Willa Holland has a beef against DC. The actress, known to fans as Thea Queen/Speedy on the show, wasn’t a happy camper when DC/Warner Bros. squashed their plans for the Suicide Squad.

Arrow had 'big plans' for Harley Quinn, at least before Suicide Squad
May 26, 2015

The CW's hit series Arrow dropped a nice Harley Quinn easter egg a while back, but it turns out they had much bigger plans. At least, they did before Suicide Squad came along.


7 Arrow pilot pics spotlight the reinvented archer's origin story
Dec 17, 2012

Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) doesn't become Arrow overnight. It takes training, discipline, street smarts and drive. In the upcoming pilot, we'll see Oliver go from selfish playboy to stealth vigilante.