Will Arnett

Go Behind the Bricks of The LEGO Batman Movie with new featurette
Jan 30, 2017

Set to debut in less than two weeks, The LEGO Batman Movie has unleashed a new featurette to whet our appetite for the brick-building superhero film.

Everything is awesome in this new LEGO Batman Movie trailer
Nov 4, 2016

Following the release of that jaw-dropping new Wonder Woman trailer yesterday, Warner Bros. has now unveiled a fun new trailer for another superhero movie of a different kind (of the brick building kind, to be exact): The LEGO Batman Movie.

Bruce Wayne lives in Batman's attic in hilarious trailer for The LEGO Batman Movie
Jul 23, 2016

A franchise was born with The LEGO Movie, and now we have the first full trailer for its superhero-themed spinoff: The LEGO Batman Movie.

You won't believe who Will Arnett's favorite Catwoman is
Jul 22, 2016

Seriously, you won't but it's awesome. Also, Will Arnett reveals his favorite Batman. 

Will Arnett's hilarious Dark Knight returns in first trailer for The LEGO Batman Movie
Mar 24, 2016

He was one of the breakout stars from The LEGO Movie, and now Will Arnett’s Batman is finally getting a chance to go solo. Want to see?

Holy bricks, Batman! Here are the first images for The LEGO Batman Movie
Mar 22, 2016

The LEGO Batman Movie has unleashed a first look at the upcoming superhero building bricks film.

Here’s the funnyman set to play LEGO Joker opposite Will Arnett’s LEGO Batman
Aug 12, 2015

We’re cautiously optimistic about Will Arnett’s return as LEGO Batman in a new spinoff film, but the direction they’re taking The Joker just elevated this thing to weird-awesome.

Michael Cera to voice Robin in The LEGO Movie's animated Batman spinoff
Jul 17, 2015

We were already looking forward to The LEGO Movie’s upcoming spinoff starring Will Arnett’s version of Batman, but now they’ve turned the project into a legit Arrested Development reunion.  Well played, Warner Bros. Well played.

Listen to the full, absolutely hilarious Batman song from The LEGO Movie
Feb 12, 2014

It’s already become a surprise box-office hit, but in addition to being one of the best family movies of the year, The LEGO Movie also includes one of the greatest renditions of Batman, via Will Arnett.

Will Arnett is the Batman we deserve in hilarious new The Lego Movie clip
Jan 28, 2014

We still have a long time to wait until we get a proper look at Batfleck, but in the meantime, there’s another Batman coming to the big screen in a few weeks.

Will Arnett arrests the development of romance in When in Rome
Dec 14, 2012

Will Arnett's next project is a fantasy-based romantic comedy called When In Rome.

Will Arnett plays opposite CG guinea pigs in Disney's G-Force
Dec 14, 2012

G-Force brings Bruckheimer-level action to a young audience.

Will Arnett, Michael Shannon rounded up for Jonah Hex
Dec 14, 2012

The two actors join Josh Brolin in the adaptation of the DC Comics supernatural Western.

G-Force star Will Arnett thinks it's a Bruckheimer movie for kids
Dec 14, 2012

The actor says the films is like a Jerry Bruckheimer action movie for kids, which is appropriate, since Bruckheimer produced it.