Futurama ends strong, Dome rises again + 49 other genre shows
Sep 11, 2013

We finally said goodbye to Futurama, and there were plenty of fans there for the sendoff.

Continuum ends strong, Futurama rises + 49 other genre shows
Sep 4, 2013

As we get closer to the fall premieres, it's time for yet another summer finale.

TV THIS WEEK: Futurama ends forever, a Wilfred finale and more!

Futurama says goodbye forever (maybe) with its fourth and possibly final, series finale. Beyond that, Wilfred's season three signs off and mutant gators attack Syfy.

TV THIS WEEK: Futurama's final season premieres, Hannibal's finale + more
Jun 17, 2013

More summer shows make their debut, including the final season of Futurama, Wilfred, the burn-off of 666 Park Avenue, and Drop Dead Diva. Meanwhile, Hannibal finishes its first season.

Doctor Who sets record, Alphas scores big + 24 other genre shows
Dec 17, 2012

We're still waiting for the full fleet of fall shows to sail in, but the big news this week was Doctor Who. The British series had a very big night on this side of the pond, while Warehouse 13 and Alphas both made Monday strong for Syfy. Meanwhile on FX, Wilfred struggled yet again.

Lost Girl ends big, Wilfred hits record low + 25 other genre shows
Dec 17, 2012

Next week, the Fall shows start to return in force, but this week we're still all about summer shows. Lost Girl finally ended its two-season run, hitting a very high note, while Wilfred struggles as it heads toward a finale. Plus, Doctor Who stays strong, and a special Touch episode was here to tide us over until season two.

TV THIS WEEK: Teen Wolf, True Blood, Falling Skies and more!
Dec 17, 2012

It looks like we'll find out more about the Teen Lizard this week on Teen Wolf, Wilfred has issues with Ryan in the season two premiere and Fact or Faked brings back Destination Truth's Josh Gates for a big two-hour finale that includes a trip to Stonehenge.

True Blood hangs on, Falling Skies falls + 30 other genre shows
Dec 17, 2012

The summer just keeps on getting fuller. This week we add Wilfred to the long list of shows we're watching. Meanwhile, Tron: Uprising took a drop again, Falling Skies struggled and Saving Hope got a nice boost.

True Blood dominates, Lost Girl stays strong + 32 other genre shows
Dec 17, 2012

The Olympics might be the biggest thing on TV right now, but many of our summer shows are still soldiering on, and some are doing quite well even in the face of stiff competition. True Blood continues to dominate, Lost Girl's holding on to its viewers and Falling Skies had another good Sunday. Meanwhile Wilfred, Futurama and Alphas weren't so lucky.

Falling Skies rises, True Blood rules + 32 other genre shows
Dec 17, 2012

Next week the fall shows begin their invasion, but meanwhile, many of our summer shows are marching toward their season finales. For some, like True Blood and Falling Skies, the future looks bright. For others, like Wilfred, we're just not sure yet.

Revolution debuts big, Doctor Who picks up + 27 other genre shows
Dec 17, 2012

The fall shows have arrived! Well, not all of them, but the flood has definitely begun. This week NBC's much-anticipated new drama Revolution debuted to big numbers, while over on Syfy Haven had a big first night to kick off its third season. Meanwhile we say goodbye to Wilfred, and Doctor Who gets a boost.

TV THIS WEEK: True Blood bites, Futurama gender-bends, and more!
Dec 14, 2012

Summer TV is heating up. While there's a big finale for Syfy's Sanctuary, we get a treat with the premieres of Comedy Central's Futurama and HBO's True Blood. And we'll also get a look at FX's new comedy series, Wilfred.

TV THIS WEEK: Falling Skies battles, True Blood sizzles and more!
Dec 14, 2012

Just as the summer television season starts to get some momentum, it's time for the July 4th holiday weekend. Luckily, most of the significant shows, like Falling Skies and True Blood, just started, so we'll get new episodes of those. And we'll get a new Wilfred, which sends the dog man to the beach with his new best bud.