Wil Wheaton

Wil Wheaton joins Season 2 of Playstation's comic-inspired Powers series
Oct 30, 2015

The Playstation Network exclusive series Powers is aiming to beef up its sci-fi cred with Season 2.

Watch Wil Wheaton's steampunk date with John Barrowman in this extended clip from The Wil Wheaton Project
Aug 12, 2014

When you get the chance to hang out with John Barrowman, what do you do? Dress steampunk, eat burritos and talk Arrow, of course.

The never-ending con: How Twitter has taken fan culture year-round
Aug 8, 2014

San Diego Comic-Con is behind us, but on the social media platform the con must go on for fan culture.

Watch Wil Wheaton, Chris Hardwick, and Shawn Ashmore get goofy in Wil Wheaton Project outtakes
May 27, 2014

Wil Wheaton's first foray into hosting his own show is a wrap, but we have some bloopers and bonuses for your enjoyment.

Wil Wheaton lightning rounds Batman, Game of Thrones, and Star Wars Episode VII
May 23, 2014

The host of Syfy's upcoming Wil Wheaton Project holds forth on topics near and dear to our hearts in an exclusive interview.

Wil Wheaton brings Wil Wheaton to Syfy in The Wil Wheaton Project
Apr 2, 2014

Because the world can always use more Wil Wheaton.

Best thing to come from the Super Bowl? These tweets between Wil Wheaton and Patrick Stewart
Feb 3, 2014

The game was disappointing, as were most of the commercials, but these Super Bowl tweets are the proverbial dilithium crystals in the rough.

Wil Wheaton sings hilarious lyrics the Star Trek: TNG theme song should have had
Dec 23, 2013

If anybody is allowed to come up with screwball lyrics to the classic TNG fanfare, it's Wil Wheaton.

Wil Wheaton's stunned (in a good way) by an unexpected Star Trek: TNG reunion
Sep 16, 2013

Star Trek: The Next Generation set a lot of sci-fi standards. Its costumes on the other hand ...

How Shatner and 18 more celebs reacted to Affleck's Batman casting
Aug 23, 2013

If you were on the internet last night, there's a good chance you couldn't escape talk of Batman, even if you don't care about Batman at all.

Wil Wheaton's heartfelt speech to a newborn about being a geek
May 1, 2013

If you didn’t already love Wil Wheaton, this should put you over the top.

Watch Felicia Day OWN Wil Wheaton as they play sci-fi spy game
Apr 19, 2013

As the queen of online geekery prepares to visit The Wil Wheaton Project, we look back on one of our favorite meetings of these two titans.

We defy you not to be moved by this inspirational story from Wil Wheaton
Mar 22, 2013

Wil Wheaton seems to take a great pleasure in meeting his fans at conventions, but this fan actually moved him to tears.

See surprise fan proposal in front of entire Star Trek: TNG cast
Jan 14, 2013

It seems like, lately, the cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation has really been making the rounds on the convention scene. That affords ample opportunity for completely ridiculous fan interactions. Which brings us to a con staple—the public wedding proposal.