Wesley Snipes

Wesley Snipes is writing a supernatural thriller novel called Talon of God
Dec 9, 2016

He might not be making any new Blade flicks, but Wesley Snipes hasn’t given up on the supernatural thriller genre. He’s just heading from the screen to the page for his latest project.

Wesley Snipes stars in new panoramic format VR invasion flick, The Recall
Aug 5, 2016

Check out this new indie sci-fi movie being filmed in the tri-screen Barco Escape format.

Wesley Snipes wants to reprise his role as Blade for Marvel
May 25, 2016

Wesley Snipes, who portrayed the Daywalker in a trilogy of films starting with Blade in 1998, still wants to put on that leather duster.

Rumor of the Day: Will Marvel's new Blade movie feature the Daywalker's daughter?
Aug 26, 2015

The next Blade sequel could be centered around the vampire slayer's daughter, Fallon.

Wesley Snipes on potentially returning as Blade, talking with Marvel about the MCU
Jul 9, 2015

Looks like Wesley Snipes may have some unfinished business with Marvel's most famous vampire hunter.

Origin for one of the oddest sci-fi movie ideas revealed: Demolition Man's 3 seashells
Dec 9, 2014

Demolition Man is a weird movie for many reasons. But the one thing people are still talking about is from a scene that is centered around the toilet. 

That time Wesley Snipes choked David Goyer on the set of Blade 3
Nov 11, 2014

At about the same time Wesley Snipes was making Blade Trinity in the early-2000s, he was also gearing up for a total meltdown that would eventually see him go to prison for tax charges. But did you know that Trinity director David Goyer encouraged Snipes to quit mid-shoot, and the action star tried to allegedly choke out Goyer at one point?

Rumor of the Day: Is Blade 4 with Wesley Snipes really happening?
Aug 29, 2014

After a decade away, the Daywalker could be back in action.

12 sci-fi roles that could be Wesley Snipes 'Iron Man moment'
Aug 13, 2014

Former movie star Wesley Snipes is desperate to regain that former glory. So who is his role model these days? Why, Iron Man's Robert Downey Jr., of course.

Yes, please! Wesley Snipes wants 'one more shot' at another Blade sequel
Jul 26, 2014

Will there ever be a Blade 4? Will Wesley Snipes return baring fangs in the role of the famous Daywalker?

An unsung hero: How Blade helped save the comic-book movie
Mar 12, 2014

Before the release of Spider-Man, Iron Man or X-Men, there was Blade. Producer Peter Frankfurt talks about the stoic superhero who made comic-book movies cool again.

Wesley Snipes reveals in prison interview: I'd do another Blade
Dec 15, 2012

Wesley Snipes won't let a little thing like prison stop his career. He's still got moves to make and one of them includes the infamous Daywalker aka Blade.