Wes Ball

Maze Runner star seriously injured in set accident
Mar 21, 2016

There's grim news from the set of the third movie in the Maze Runner series.

Maze Runner director turning Norse tale Fall of Gods into fantasy epic for Fox
Aug 26, 2015

After making a name for himself with the breakout hit The Maze Runner, Wes Ball has been signed on to tackle the Norse epic Fall of Gods for 20th Century Fox.

The Maze Runner offers fascinating peek into how Wes Ball designed that epic maze
Aug 18, 2014

We had our doubts about the umpteenth young-adult sci-fi dystopia in The Maze Runner, but that first trailer piqued our interest — and here’s how they made it look so darn cool.

Watch the CGI short Fox thinks could be a hit sci-fi franchise
Dec 17, 2012

Fox has fallen in love with a new sci-fi short film, and has fast tracked a full-length version with McG signed on to produce. Want to see the eight-minute CGI clip that started it all?