weird stuff

The strangest WTF Stargate Atlantis slash fic you'll ever see
Jul 4, 2015

We've read some pretty strange fan fiction about our favorite sci-fi characters in our time. We've even read some pretty over-the-top slash fiction. (Those are stories about our favorite characters with an emphasis on the homoerotic, for those of you who don't know.) But nothing we've ever seen was more bizarre than this.

Bizarre bluegrass performance of Super Mario Bros. theme song
Jul 4, 2015

Nothing that makes us feel like kids again and has us itching to touch our joysticks more than hearing that old Super Mario Brothers theme song. Suddenly we're back in the basement and jumping for gold coins once more. When that song is performed by the bluegrass band The Cleverlys, though, we feel a bit weird. But in a GOOD way.

Police sketch proves we don't really know what Dracula looks like
Jul 4, 2015

The Composites is a tumblr wherein Brian Joseph Davis utilizes police sketch software, combined with descriptions from literary works, to craft accurate graphic representations of popular fictional characters. Guess how Dracula turned out?

Video gamer killed by blood clot after playing Halo too much
Jul 4, 2015

Halo just got real—real deadly. The video game that's insinuated itself into the lives of millions has inadvertently killed a man. The long term effects of playing Halo for hours and hours has led someone to an early grave.

That jerk who raged at you on the road today was probably a gamer
Jul 4, 2015

Scientists have known for years that videogames teach hand-eye coordination, that videogamers are more aware of their surroundings, and that they make quicker decisions than non-gamers. Knowing that, you could assume that videogaming makes people better drivers. But you know what happens when you assume, don't you?

Amulet theft in online fantasy game ends with real-world conviction
Jul 4, 2015

If you're serious about your online RPG gaming, you take your virtual inventory seriously. You worked hard for those helms, broadswords and enchanted gems, so hard that they might even be as real to you as the computer you play on. Well, now the Dutch Supreme Court agrees with you, so much so that they just upheld a real-world sentence for stealing virtual magic items.

Nerd parents name kid after Skyrim character for free videogames
Jul 4, 2015

The company that produced the best selling Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim videogame held a contest that promised any parents who had a child on Skyrim's release date, 11/11/11, and named the kid Dovahkiin, after Skyrim's main character, would get a lifetime of free games. And wouldn't you know it, someone went for it.

Chinese couple sold their KIDS to fund videogame habit!
Jul 4, 2015

Almost two months ago, we reported about a man who sold his kidney to pay for an iPad. You think that was bad? Yeah, it totally was. But sadly, here's another story that's even worse.

Cat singing Thrones theme either cutest or most annoying thing ever
Jul 4, 2015

We've heard a lot of covers of the theme to HBO's Game of Thrones since the show debuted last year, enough to know that some are stranger than others. But this one, composed entirely of a single cat meowing, could be the strangest one of all.

Coastguard searches for body, finds life-size E.T. replica instead
Jul 2, 2015

We would hate to be the people who have to search the shorelines whenever somebody calls in a floater, but this was probably a welcome surprise to them. While searching for a body on the English coast last week, Coastguard officers instead found a model of everyone's favorite cuddly alien.

Judge bans D&D in prison, rules it 'could lead to gang behavior'
Jul 2, 2015

If you're reading this, chances are you've played Dungeons and Dragons: a game that involves creativity, quick thinking and a tendency to eat too many potato chips in one sitting.

That giant Kraken Liam Neeson released looks like it could be real
Jun 26, 2015

Krakens have been one of Hollywood's favorite monsters of late. Whether it's the soul hunter for Davy Jones' locker in the Pirates of the Caribbean or Liam Neeson's weapon of mass destruction in Clash of the Titans, Krakens make for great VFX forces of nature in blockbuster films.

French court steps in when parents give kid a Vampire Diaries name
Nov 17, 2014

Apparently, there's just not enough crime in France, since its courts have time to meddle in what their citizens can and can't name their children. Which is exactly what they did when a couple wanted to name their son after character from The Vampire Diaries.

17 cheesy TV ads that went all sci-fi (but really shouldn't have)
Nov 11, 2014

Making commercials is kind of like being that little kid on the playground who eats bugs: it's all about getting attention by any means necessary. Which is why it's okay for your company mascot to be a talking duck or a creepy king in a plastic mask. And also why TV ads are responsible for some of the freakiest abominations in sci-fi history.