Image of the day: The creepy Mario mural buried deep inside a U.S. military nuclear bunker
Aug 8, 2014

Not many people get a chance to descend deep into the bowels of a U.S. military nuclear bunker, but if you ever do, you might find some extremely weird stuff down there.

Video explains why today's movie posters are so bad
Jan 7, 2014

We've gone from fine art to floating heads. Have you ever wondered what happened to great movie posters?

Tokyo's WTF ice cream inspired by breasts of videogame character
Dec 17, 2012

Japan has a rich and storied culture dating back centuries. It also has ice cream made up to look like boobies. Why? Because breasts are where ice cream comes from! Right?

New sci-fi brothel offers sex with (girls dressed as) aliens
Dec 16, 2012

All you have to do is head 90 miles west of Las Vegas and you'll find the Alien Cathouse, a new establishment that aims to cater to the geek who's always wanted to sleep with a green-skinned slave girl, a pointy-eared dominatrix or, basically, a woman who will take currency from a client in exchange for sex ... and not call him a nerd in the process.

VIDEO: See Tom Selleck's 'stache leech onto Neo, Indy and Spidey
Dec 15, 2012

Oh, I know: Not a day goes by where you don't stop and think "Man, the only thing that could make the movies I love better would be if all the characters were sporting Tom Selleck's moustache. Your pleas have been heard ... and answered!

15 totally illegal, totally funny real-life sci-fi road sign hacks
Dec 15, 2012

Idle hands are the devil's workshop, my grandmother used to say. But sometimes, the devil's workshop is manned by idle geeks who have a message to send to the world and have found the perfect medium: the road sign.

U.S. gov't denies alien contact cover-up (but of course it would)
Dec 15, 2012

OK, so no one really expected the government to come out and say "By the way, we've been hiding aliens in Nevada for 70 years and laughing at you for suggesting we were lying," right? That's not happening, but the government is officially responding to a pair of public petitions for full disclosure of any and all alien contact.