Web Series

Marvel made a Rocket & Groot web series and you can watch the pilot right here
Mar 14, 2017

There's already an animated Guardians of the Galaxy series on Disney XD, and now that show is getting an online spin-off that focuses on Rocket and Groot. It's called, um, Rocket & Groot.

Conquer Walking Dead withdrawal with harrowing fan-made web series
Jul 4, 2015

No doubt you've seen hundreds of crowd-funded projects come across your desktop, most of which seem eminently ignorable. And then there's something like The Silent City, which captures a dead New York—and some undead denizens—with a scale and scope to be reckoned with.

Chekov recruits his crew in edgy new Star Trek: Renegades teaser
Jul 4, 2015

Get ready to see the second trailer for the new Trek web series now filming from Walter Koenig and Star Trek: Voyager's Tim Russ. The Kickstarter project promises to boldly go where no Trek has gone before. Learn how you can help them make it so.

Watch 1st ep of Who and Community-inspired Inspector Spacetime
Jul 4, 2015

After months of legal wrangling and a pretty ridiculous name change, the Community-inspired web series based on the Doctor Who spoof Inspector Spacetime is here.

1st look at new Defiance web series that bridges the gap to Season 2
Mar 27, 2014

We still have a few months to wait until the return of Syfy’s ambitious series Defiance, but the network is launching a new web series that’ll keep us in the loop until then.

Follow Monroe's double agent in 1st intense Revolution webisode
Jan 22, 2013

It might still be a few months until NBC's hit sci-fi series Revolution returns, but some new webisodes focusing on a fan-favorite guest star should make the wait a little easier. Want to see how Monroe's double agent from season one got his start?

Comic/web series Chopper rolls into production as a feature film
Jan 14, 2013

A year ago, Asylum Press put out a funky comic titled Chopper that reimagined the Sleepy Hollow myth in 80's-stylized horror and starring a headless motor-cyclist. Fast forward to now, and that ambitious idea is headed for the big screen.

Can't get enough Thrones? Then help fund this fan-made web series
Dec 17, 2012

Can't get enough Game of Thrones? You're not alone. In fact, some fans were so anxious to see more of George R. R. Martin's Westeros on the big screen that they started their own web series. And now they're asking for your help to finish it.

1st clip from Community-inspired Who spoof Inspector Spacetime
Dec 17, 2012

The hilarious, Community-inspired Doctor Who spoof Inspector Spacetime has inspired its very own web series—albeit one that is technically untitled for legal reasons. And now, we finally get to check out the first teaser trailer.