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Gambit loses its director as Doug Liman comes on board Justice League Dark

Looks like one comic book movie’s gain is another one’s loss as Doug Liman jumps ships from Gambit to Justice League Dark.

First trailer for Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders brings back Adam West and Burt Ward

Holy amazing news, Batman! If you were a big fan of the 1966-1968 Batman TV series starring Adam West as the Caped Crusader and Burt Ward as his sidekick Robin, then this news will probably make your day.

David Ayer officially reveals which Suicide Squad character killed Robin

Suicide Squad director David Ayer has finally put all those “Who Killed Robin” rumors to rest by revealing who actually killed the Boy Wonder.

Rumor of the Day: Black Manta to be the villain in Aquaman

Looks like the main villain for Jason Momoa’s first solo adventure as Aquaman has finally been revealed. According to a new report over at The Wrap, the King of the Seven Seas will face off against his greatest foe: Black Manta.

David Ayer, Warner Bros. produced dueling cuts of Suicide Squad before release

Despite a mountain of buzz from those awesome pre-release trailers, the reviews are in — and Suicide Squad is apparently a Batman v Superman-sized mess of its own. Now it seems the studio had an inkling things could be going awry.

Matt Ryan returns as John Constantine in first sneak peek at Justice League Dark

With the release of Batman: The Killing Joke on VOD, the special features for the animated film have leaked online -- including our first look at Warner Bros.’ next animated feature, Justice League Dark.

It's official! The Flash movie casts Kiersey Clemons as Iris West

It’s official! Kiersey Clemons will star alongside Ezra Miller in Warner Bros.’ The Flash movie.

Catch up with the worst heroes ever in 11 new Suicide Squad character promos

Much as Fox did with Deadpool, Warner Bros. is showing a lot of love for director David Ayer’s Suicide Squad by releasing some very nifty promo material for the upcoming comic book movie featuring the. Worst. Heroes. Ever.

New footage revealed in behind-the-scenes look at Batgirl in The Killing Joke

Tara Strong is suiting up again for the role of Batgirl in Warner Bros.’ Batman: The Killing Joke, and DC All Access has released a new behind-the-scenes video featuring an interview with the actress and new footage from the eagerly anticipated animated movie.

Warner Bros. found guilty of paying YouTubers for positive video game reviews

If you thought the reviews were a bit too rosy for Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, it turns out there might be a good reason. 

New international trailer and detailed synopsis confirm Suicide Squad villain

Warner Bros. has released a new international trailer as well as a detailed synopsis for its hotly anticipated comic book movie Suicide Squad.

Looks like The Flash movie may have found its Iris West in one of these 3 actresses

Looks like The Flash (the movie, not the CW series) is about to zero in on the DC Comics movie’s female lead.

J.K. Simmons wants to bring a badass Commissioner Gordon to Justice League

We’ve all seen the pics of a super-ripped J.K. Simmons making the rounds lately, and it looks like the Oscar-winning actor’s iconic DC Comics character will be as badass in Justice League as the actor looks in real life.

The Dark Knight meets with the Joker in first Batman: The Killing Joke clip

DC All Access has released the first clip for Warner Bros.’ upcoming animated movie Batman: The Killing Joke.