WarGames co-writer on what he'd like to see in a modern-day reboot
Mar 20, 2017

The man who wrote the 1980s sci-fi classic WarGames has some thoughts on how the franchise could translate into the modern day. Not surprisingly, it's a bit different than the video game-y spin of the original.

How about global thermonuclear war? WarGames remake gets a screenwriter
Jul 4, 2015

Who would have ever thought a Today Show producer would be tasked with writing a remake of an '80s classic about nuclear war?...

Check out Chuck's brilliant WarGames-inspired Season 4 poster
Dec 14, 2012

Now that we've been teased by three new Chuck posters at Comic-Con, the show's Sept. 20 season-four premiere suddenly seems much farther away than it did yesterday. (It's been a long summer without getting our weekly fix of Sarah Walker. Um ... that is, Yvonne Strahovski.) Check out the official poster as well as two fan-made posters that have us counting down the days until the return of our favorite spy show.