Warehouse 13

TV THIS WEEK: Warehouse 13 says goodbye, Supernatural's finale + more!
May 19, 2014

It's another big week for finales, including the final episode of a beloved Syfy original series.

Pete + Myka have 1 last adventure in opening clip from Warehouse 13's series finale
May 19, 2014

You better bag and tag your goodbyes, because Syfy's long-running series Warehouse 13 is coming to an end tonight.

EXCLUSIVE: Warehouse 13's chief talks the show's end and why 'we got to do it right'
Apr 14, 2014

As Warehouse 13's fifth and final season begins, showrunner Jack Kenny talks to Blastr about why the final six episodes are the perfect sendoff for the series and the characters.

TV This Week: Warehouse 13's final season begins, Orphan Black returns + more
Apr 14, 2014

It's the beginning of the end for Warehouse 13, Game of Thrones continues to reign, and more in this week's TV roundup.

EXCLUSIVE: Warehouse 13 cast says goodbye, promises 'payoff' in final season
Apr 11, 2014

After more than 50 episodes, fans will have to say goodbye to their favorite team of artifact-hunting agents in a season made up of only six episodes.

Learn Warehouse 13's 'secret weapon' in 3 Comic-Con panel clips
Jul 22, 2013

As the series prepares for its final season next year, the cast and crew of Warehouse 13 were out in force at San Diego Comic-Con to look back on five glorious years of bagging and tagging.

True Blood climbs, Being Human starts low + 49 other genre shows
Jul 17, 2013

Where ratings are concerned, True Blood is definitely still proving it's not a has-been show.

TV THIS WEEK: Defiance and W13 finales, Being Human premiere & more

Summer heats up with some shocking season finales, including Defiance and Warehouse 13, and the premiere of the final season BBC America's Being Human.

TV THIS WEEK: Futurama goes 3-D (kind of), Defiance, Teen Wolf and more!

Despite a big 4th of July holiday, there's plenty of original genre content to keep us tuned in. Futurama takes on 3D printing, and events escalate on Defiance and Teen Wolf.

Want more Warehouse 13? Get it with Syfy's motion comic and artifact guide!
Jun 10, 2013

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Save Me starts low, Bates Motel ends high + 44 other genre shows
May 29, 2013

Most of our shows are ending their seasons, but the first of our summer shows just arrived.

Syfy's Warehouse 13 bags and tags a 5th (and final) season
May 17, 2013

There will be one more season of artifact hunting, then Syfy’s Warehouse 13 will officially come to a close.