The Walking Dead

Leaked The Walking Dead footage reveals a different Negan victim

We already know which unlucky (former) survivors ended up on the business end of Lucille in The Walking Dead’s premiere, but some leaked footage reveals who could’ve also met their fate.

Image of the Day: Is AMC already hinting at the Whisperers on The Walking Dead?

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe. Negan's barely made a killing on The Walking Dead, but it looks like the show may already be hinting at yet another group of antagonistic zombie-apocalypse survivors.

Rick vows to kill Negan in tense new clip from the The Walking Dead's return

With a mystery death hanging over the new season of The Walking Dead, AMC has turned the process of cutting a trailer into an art form. Want to see the immediate aftermath of Negan’s meeting with Rick’s gang?