Viral Marketing

Uh-oh. Did the latest Amazing Spider-Man viral marketing just hint at an infamous storyline?
Jan 10, 2014

There are many stories stretching across decades of Spider-Man comics that are worth adapting. Then, there's the Clone Saga.

Viral stunt for Chronicle has us believing a man can fly
Dec 16, 2012

The skies over New York City are usually pretty crowded: traffic heading to one of three airports, traffic and news helicopters, stray balloons. But if you looked up last week, you might've seen what looked like three men, streaking through the air like Superman. All in the name of promoting Fox's super-powered teens flick, Chronicle.

Viral fake TED talk connects the dots between Prometheus and Alien
Dec 16, 2012

Any fan of the Alien saga knows that the company Weyland-Yutani is responsible for the "synthetic humans" that sometimes help and occasionally hinder our heroes as they fend of acidic extra-terrestrial threats. And this chunk of viral awesomeness, a sermon from Peter Weyland in 2023, is just a part of Prometheus connecting the dots.

Uncomfortably creepy Prometheus viral video boxes up Fassbender
Dec 16, 2012

The newest slab of viral marketing from Ridley Scott and his Prometheus team offers to make the dream of the world's women, and more than a few of her men, come true—the ability to have the X-Men: First Class and 300 star for themselves, doing whatever he's ordered to do.

Weird chants! First Pic of Bane! Dark Knight Rises site is live!
Dec 14, 2012

In a flood of viral marketing that makes us want to set up cyber-dams, the new website for Christopher Nolan's third Batman movie The Dark Knight Rises has gone live at