Vin Diesel

Vin Diesel confirms Last Witch Hunter sequel already in development
Trent Moore

While taking a break from driving sports cars in the Fast & Furious franchise, Vin Diesel is currently hard at work on what could be his next hit film series — The Last Witch Hunter.

Watch Vin Diesel in all his bearded glory in new intense The Last Witch Hunter teaser trailer
Nathalie Caron

Vin Diesel can do anything, including looking awesome while sporting some epic facial hair and being surrounded by flames.

Vin Diesel wields a flaming sword in first official The Last Witch Hunter teaser trailer
Nathalie Caron

Vin Diesel swaps fast and furious cars for hunting witches in the first The Last Witch Hunter teaser.

Is Vin Diesel teasing a role in The Inhumans again?
Don Kaye

Vin Diesel has taken to his Facebook page again to drive fans crazy about his next move with Marvel.

Say 'I Am Groot' in 15 different languages in new Guardians of the Galaxy Blu-ray clip
Trent Moore

It’s not exactly the role most fans expected, but Vin Diesel still managed to turn his three lines in Guardians of the Galaxy into one of the most quotable bits from the whole movie.

Rumor of the day: How Vin Diesel social media'd himself into voicing Groot
Trent Moore

You remember all that social media hullabaloo about Vin Diesel taking a meeting with Marvel, which eventually led to him voicing Groot? Well, it might’ve been total b.s.

Vin Diesel announces Riddick sequel development while dancing to Beyonce
Matthew Jackson

Vin Diesel can't fully express how happy he is with mere words, so this time he's showing us how he feels with dance.

CONFIRMED: Marvel makes final Guardians of the Galaxy casting call
Matthew Jackson

After months of rumors, Marvel has finally officially cast the last member of the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Wait, Vin Diesel might have ANOTHER Marvel role in the works?!
Trent Moore

Yeah, we all know that Vin Diesel will be voicing Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy next year. But could he also have a much bigger role in Marvel’s Phase 3?

What's the HUGE sci-fi news that Vin Diesel just doesn't give a #$%! about?
Dany Roth

He was the Iron Giant, he's presently Riddick, and he's going to be Groot. But that doesn't mean Diesel cares about EVERYTHING.

Now THAT's commitment: Vin Diesel leveraged his house to make Riddick
Carol Pinchefsky

Vin Diesel may be tougher than Riddick: In order to make the third installment of The Chronicles of Riddick series, Diesel leveraged his house.

Vin Diesel is fighting for survival in wild new Riddick footage
Trent Moore

We’re just a week away from getting to see Riddick on the big screen, and some additional footage has us more excited than ever for the Pitch Black sequel.

Vin Diesel hints at his weirdly awesome plans for Groot in Guardians
Trent Moore

So, how exactly is Vin Diesel planning to bring the ass-kicking Guardians of the Galaxy tree alien Groot to life?

Katee Sackhoff's gang of mercs catches Riddick in 2 new clips
Trent Moore

Two new, ass-kicking clips from Riddick have landed online — proving our favorite Furyan might actually be even more dangerous when he’s shackled.