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World Video Game Hall of Fame 2017 inductees run the gaming gamut

From Donkey Kong to Halo, the Class of 2017 represents game-changing games from multiple eras and platforms. 

Ultron and Sigma assemble as one in new Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite trailer
Apr 25, 2017

Marvel and Capcom have unleashed a revealing new story trailer for their upcoming Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite video game on PlayStation 4.

Nintendo reportedly making a SNES Classic. Just shut up and take our money, already
Apr 20, 2017

With supply having never actually caught up to demand, Nintendo recently pulled the plug on its NES Classic mini-console for no obvious reason. Now, we might know why.

Gorilla Grodd assembles The Society (and more) in three new Injustice 2 videos
Apr 6, 2017

The promo machine for Injustice 2 is showing no signs of slowing down. The upcoming fighting game from NetherRealm Studios has unleashed a new story trailer and two character videos.

Gorilla Grodd leads a roster of DC villains (including Captain Cold!) in latest Injustice 2 trailer
Mar 30, 2017

The latest trailer for Injustice 2 titled "It's Good to Be Bad" has dropped, this time focusing on the Warner Bros. video game’s big bad DC supervillains.

Video games may help prevent PTSD
Mar 30, 2017

Videogames may act as a condom for your brain in preventing trauma.

Google is using old Atari games to teach artificial intelligence how to learn
Mar 17, 2017

Whoever said video games weren’t educational? Google has been using old Atari video games to train its DeepMind artificial intelligence for a few years, and now it’s actually learning how to remember its strategies.