video games

Google is using old Atari games to teach artificial intelligence how to learn

Whoever said video games weren’t educational? Google has been using old Atari video games to train its DeepMind artificial intelligence for a few years, and now it’s actually learning how to remember its strategies.

Capcom bringing Darkwing Duck, TaleSpin, DuckTales games back to life

Capcom is dipping into its archive to bring six classic Disney games back to life for a new generation. It’s The Disney Afternoon Collection, and it is glorious.

Marvel's new video games will be free to tell stories outside the MCU

Marvel is cranking up development on some ambitious video games connected to some of their biggest properties, and now we have a bit more insight into the creative approach. Which isn't exactly what we expected (in a good way).

Metal Gear Solid director gives update on long in-development film adaptation
Feb 20, 2017

The seminal video game series Metal Gear Solid was officially put into development for the big screen back in 2014 and now we finally have an update. Turns out things are looking pretty good.

Latest Injustice 2 trailer is all about the super-ladies
Feb 15, 2017

A new trailer for Injustice 2 has dropped, showing off several of the super-ladies who will be kicking butt and taking names in the long-awaited video game sequel.

Those films set in the Half-Life and Portal universe are still happening
Jan 23, 2017

The live-action films set in the Half-Life and Portal video game universe are still in development. So don't give up hope just yet.

This Call of Cthulhu video game looks like Lovecraftian nightmare fuel
Jan 20, 2017

If you've ever wanted to live out an H.P. Lovecraft nightmare, this should do the trick.

New Injustice 2 trailer is the Batman v Superman movie we really wanted
Jan 17, 2017

The video game series Injustice has put together one of the most compelling and creative takes on the DC universe you'll find anywhere, and it's coming back in a big way this year. 

Mario wanders the big city, rides a tiger in first trailer for Super Mario Odyssey
Jan 15, 2017

Here's our first look at the most ambitious Mario game ever conceived, coming later this year to the Nintendo Switch.

Achievement Unlocked: Revival of '80s video game show Starcade
Jan 10, 2017

Save your quarters! A reboot of the early '80s TV game show Starcade is on its way, courtesy of Shout! Factory.