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Acclaimed indie video game Five Nights at Freddy's coming to the big screen
Trent Moore

The irreverent hit indie videogame Five Night’s at Freddy’s is bringing its unique brand of bizarro Chuck E. Cheese to the big screen.

Prime yourself for punishment with two gory Mortal Kombat X preview clips
Jeff Spry

Watch an insane onslaught of bloodthirsty warriors battle it out in EarthRealm, and realize this game has come a long way since the Sega Genesis days.

Scarface composer is working on a new Tron videogame soundtrack: Is a movie sequel on the way?
Nathalie Caron

There's apparently a new Tron videogame coming our way. Could that mean there's a third movie finally planned?

New trailer for ambitious, crowdfunded space sim Star Citizen is absolutely stunning
Trent Moore

A new trailer for the high-concept space trading and combat simulator Star Citizen has been revealed, and there’s really just one word to describe it: Wow.


New comic-styled video game Spider-Man Unlimited: The Spidey-Verse hits today
Trent Moore

Since it doesn’t look like we’ll be getting our Spider-Man jones filled in an upcoming Marvel movie, we’ll have to make do with this intriguing new videogame featuring the wall-crawler(s).

Classic 1990s puzzle game Myst being developed as mystery TV series
Trent Moore

Dust off your mouse, because one of the most successful point-and-click adventure games in history is about to make a comeback on the small screen.

Beloved 1980s videogame Tetris coming to the big screen as an 'epic sci-fi movie’
Trent Moore

Tetris is coming to the big screen. It’s official — we've already reached the point of ultimate saturation when it comes to videogame movie adaptations.

Watch all 5 parts of World of Warcraft’s animated Lords of War series
Nathalie Caron

A new expansion for World of Warcraft is set to hit us in November, so you should probably check out the Lords of War animated series that sets it all up.

Atari bringing two of the oldest horror videogames in history back to life
Trent Moore

Good news, classic horror fans — two of the original videogame scare-fests from yesteryear are coming back to life this fall.

Trailer for Destiny beta makes us want—SHUT UP AND TAKE OUR MONEY
Carol Pinchefsky

Bungie's next big thing is looking excellent as it heads into its beta phase.

Film crew digs up Atari's legendary, long-buried E.T. game cartridges
Matthew Jackson

If you've ever wondered if that story about the E.T. games buried in a landfill is true, you can stop wondering now.