Venus reveals a provocative new mystery

Volcanoes on the Venusian surface may mirror phenomena on the early Earth.

What a Japanese spacecraft saw on Venus is literally a huge discovery
Jan 25, 2017

Incredible images just released from JAXA satellite Akatsuki reveal an epic gravity wave. 

This cutting-edge space plane could be what NASA uses to explore Venus in 2021
May 20, 2015

NASA has a whole lot of ideas, but not a whole lot of money, so there are several options vying to be the space agency’s next big project. One of them would send this awesome plane to Venus.

Russian scientist says he discovered life on Venus ... in 1982
Dec 16, 2012

Say you're a space researcher, and tomorrow you see images of what looks like a living thing on another planet. How long would it take you to shout that from the mountaintop? Probably as long as it takes to write a decent Twitter update. Well, a Russian scientist has just come forward with what he calls evidence of life on Venus, and he's been sitting on it for 30 years.