Valiant Comics

Valiant teases Divinity III: Stalinverse and Cat Cosplay

Valiant's panel at New York Comic Con included a third Divinity and, yes, even Cat Cosplay.

Image of the day: First look at live action series of Valiant's Ninjak

A whole lot of Valiant projects are barreling into film development deals, and now another property is being turned into a live-action series — and we already have a first look.

Valiant’s Bloodshot and Harbinger coming to big screen in five-picture deal
Apr 21, 2015

With DC and Marvel’s wares already locked up tight, studios are looking outside the Big Two for film properties. Luckily, there are still a lot of great comics out there.


Legal challenge going after Kirkman's freaky new post-Walking Dead comic
Nov 4, 2013

Not content to terrify us with zombies, Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman is prepping a new comic to focus on the horrors of demon possession. But, there’s just one problem.