val kilmer

Watch Val Kilmer don the Batmask and get hilariously humiliated
Apr 9, 2013

Val Kilmer has no problem poking fun at himself. He recently took a dig at his Batman past on the BBC series, Life's Too Short. Watch as he awkwardly reprises the role to no fanfare.

Val Kilmer knows exactly what went wrong with the earlier Batman films
Dec 17, 2012

It's been 17 years since Val Kilmer sported the cape and cowl for Joel Schumacher's Batman Forever. But the actor still gets asked about his short stint as The Dark Knight. At this year's Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo, Kilmer participated in a Q&A where he discussed the good and bad from his superhero past.

Joel Schumacher defends Val Kilmer as the best Batman ever
Dec 15, 2012

After drawing the white-hot rage of a horde of Dark Knight fanboys for his pair of neon-soaked '90s Batman flicks, you'd think Joel Schumacher would be happy to just shut up and move on.