U.S. zombie fans to be denied Romero's latest?
Jul 4, 2015

George Romero's Survival of the Dead has yet to get a release date in the U.S., while a March, 2010 release date for the DVD has been set for the UK.

Marvel says that UK Avengers edit doesn't mean what we all thought
Jun 25, 2015

Well, that didn't take long. After some keen-eyed Avengers fans spotted an interesting edit in the UK version of the film, Marvel has now chimed in to explain exactly what happened—and squash all our conspiracy theories in the process. Spoilers for The Avengers ahead!

UK's royal astronomer says UFO sightings are total crap
Dec 17, 2012

He may be open to the fact that aliens exist, but don't think that means the UK's royal astronomer Lord Martin Rees believes in UFO sightings. In fact, the queen's official stargazer is "utterly unconvinced" that aliens have never visited Earth.