Tron 3

Garrett Hedlund says TRON 3 may not be 'totally dead' after all
Sep 25, 2015

TRON: Legay star Garrett Hedlund may have given us a smidgen of hope that we may yet return to the Grid after all.

See Oscar-winning Artist star audition for Thor 2, Tron 3 and more
Jul 4, 2015

What do all European actors do when they get their first big American break? Well, they go on and play the big bad villain in a huge action movie franchise, that's what! But when newly-minted best actor Oscar-winner Jean Dujardin auditions for every villain role his agents can possibly think of, hilarity ensues.

9 reasons more TRON Uprising is the answer to Disney's TRON sequel problem
Jun 9, 2015

It's a bummer the TRON sequel was canceled, but we have a much better solution for the House of the Mouse.

More than 25,000 fans rally petition for Disney to revive aborted TRON sequel
Jun 2, 2015

If you’re bummed that Disney recently pulled the plug on TRON 3, you’re not alone. Luckily, 25,000+ fans are rallying to let Disney know there is still interest in the vintage sci-fi franchise.

Tron 3 is NOT happening. Disney shuts down sequel
May 30, 2015

Disney just made a huge executive decision. After months of talk, the studio has pulled the plug on Tron 3.

Rumor of the Day: Looks like Tron 3 will finally start shooting in the fall
Mar 11, 2015

Are you ready to return to the Grid? We hope you are, because Tron 3 is apparently set to begin shooting in the fall.

1st Tron: Legacy actor confirms a return for long-rumored Tron 3
Jan 14, 2013

The possibility of a new Tron film has popped onto the radar in recent weeks, and it looks like at least one actor will return from Tron: Legacy. But who will it be?