Guillermo del Toro's Trollhunters returning for second season on Netflix
Feb 9, 2017

The first season of Guillermo del Toro's Trollhunters ended with one heck of a cliffhanger, and now we know the series will officially be back for more. Phew.

Jim becomes a Trollhunter in magical clip from Guillermo del Toro’s Trollhunters
Dec 21, 2016

“For the glory of Merlin, daylight is mine to command.” We’re only two days away from the hotly anticipated premiere of Guillermo del Toro’s Netflix series Trollhunters, and to whet our appetite for the magical offering, a new clip has been released.

Tromp into a trio of new images for Guillermo del Toro's Trollhunters animated series
Oct 3, 2016

Here's a first look at del Toro's fantastical new animated series, Trollhunters.

Image of the day: First look at Guillermo del Toro's new Netflix series Trollhunters
Apr 7, 2016

Just about everything Guillermo del Toro touches turns into geek gold, and now the acclaimed director is turning his sights on a Netflix original series. Here’s our first look at Trollhunters.