Uh-oh! Stephen Hawking says AI could be humanity's 'worst mistake in history’
May 5, 2014

Transcendence might’ve been a dud at the box office, but the artificial-intelligence-based plot did get the planet’s resident genius thinking. Turns out we could be doomed.

Join the anti-tech revolution in these 2 viral vids for Transcendence
Mar 28, 2014

Johnny Depp's sci-fi thriller is about the nature of consciousness and the ethics of prolonging that consciousness beyond the death of the body. R.I.F.T. is the vehicle that gets us to those big questions.

Discover Transcendence with new footage from Johnny Depp's latest
Mar 13, 2014

With Transcendence opening in theaters in just over a month, a new featurette has surfaced to dissect the meaning of the movie's title.

Artificial intelligence evolves in intense new trailer for Transcendence
Feb 12, 2014

A new Transcendence trailer is here, and it definitely plays up the film's thriller elements.

Johnny Depp is all wired up in retro-cool Transcendence poster
Feb 10, 2014

The Johnny Depp sci-fi thriller Transcendence is coming to theaters in a little over two months, and now there's a cool new poster out to get people talking.

Johnny Depp becomes more than a man in 1st full Transcendence trailer
Dec 23, 2013

After some very enigmatic teaser footage, we've finally got a full trailer for Wally Pfister's directorial debut, Transcendence, and it's full of big plot reveals.

Johnny Depp'll be a supercomputer in Nolan-produced sci-fi film
Jan 14, 2013

He's played the Mad Hatter, Sweeney Todd and Barnabas Collins, and now he's about to take on possibly the strangest role of his career: Johnny Depp has been cast as a computer.