Toy Story

Why Pixar hopes you'll go back to using snail mail again

If the U.S. Postal Service didn't sway you to stop tweeting and start writing letters with its stamps of Rod Serling or The Simpsons, well, they're not giving up on you yet.

The heartbreaking beauty of Pixar in EXACTLY 7 minutes

A young Brazilian filmmaker spent 11 days watching Pixar's assorted films, painstakingly selecting the more than 500 clips that make up this touching ode to the house that Toy Story built.

8 pretty, pulpy tributes for Pixar's 25th anniversary

The house that John Lassiter (and Steve Jobs) built is celebrating its 25th birthday this year and an online art gallery has been fielding stellar contributions featuring some terrific interpretations of Pixar's cast of characters.

Image(s) of the Day: Concept art for the space-set Toy Story video game that never was

Back when Toy Story 3 was still in development, and before Disney had gotten things rolling on its massive Infinity videogame series, this game could’ve bridged the 2009-2010 gap.

Image of the Day: That time Buzz Lightyear got horrifyingly close to Alien facehuggers

Have you ever imagined a meeting between Buzz Lightyear and those Alien facehuggers? Oh, the horror.

Check out concept art from Disney’s original Toy Story 3 that was never made

Pixar’s Toy Story 3 made an absolute mountain of money, but due to a tiff between Disney and the studio in 2004, we almost got a very different sequel focused on Woody and the gang.

Woody and Buzz return! Disney and Pixar announce fourth Toy Story film

Woody, Buzz and the entire toy gang are heading to the big screen once again.

See what Yoda and 7 other sci-fi icons almost looked like in awesome concept art

Yoda, Hagrid, Buzz Lightyear -- they're all film icons, but what were they originally supposed to look like?

Cosplay We Love: Man-sized Buzz Lightyear costume made out of balloons

Here's a Friday dose of cosplay ingenuity to send you off into your weekend with a smile!

That time Batman and Buzz Lightyear busted up a bar fight. For real.

Did you know that Batman and Buzz Lightyear hang out together? And fight crime? It's true!