The Tomorrow People

Arrow! Tomorrow People! CW touts 'Amell Wednesdays' in hilarious new promo
Jul 4, 2015

You’ve got to hand it to ‘em — the folks at The CW sure know a good marketing angle when they see it.

Tomorrow People's Peyton List just got a 2nd chance as Captain Cold's sister on Flash
Dec 16, 2014

What do you do when your CW show gets canceled? Get hired at another CW show that's a ratings juggernaut.

Tomorrow People's Peyton List promises 'final showdown' in ‘insane’ S1 finale
Apr 15, 2014

For folks who have actually been watching, the angsty, X-Men-esque series, The Tomorrow People has grown into one of the most entertaining sci-fi shows of the season.

Producer explains that shocking change of leadership for The Tomorrow People
Jan 16, 2014

It took a while to get going, but The CW’s Tomorrow People has grown into one of the most compelling new sci-fi series out there. Now, they’re shaking things up even more.

Bad news, CW fans! These 2 sci-fi series will probably be canceled
Dec 16, 2013

With the fall season well underway, the experts are starting to predict which series will (and won’t) survive. Sadly, these two CW series are likely on the chopping block.

Star-Crossed! The 100! CW confirms when we'll see those new sci-fi shows
Dec 12, 2013

The CW is prepping a ton of new sci-fi series to join up with Arrow, Supernatural and the rest — and now we finally know when we’ll get to see them.

Mark Pellegrino teases what's next after Tomorrow People's shocking twist
Dec 11, 2013

After a rocky start, the first season of The CW’s The Tomorrow People has finally found its stride — and it’s included quite a few twists along the way. So, what’s up with the latest shocker?

Grown-up Spy Kid joins Tomorrow People as sexy new super-agent
Oct 31, 2013

The CW’s new sci-fi series is looking to add a sexy new ULTRA agent, and they’re apparently recruiting from the Spy Kids.

We saw The Tomorrow People pilot at Comic-Con and here's what we thought
Jul 18, 2013

Based on the UK series with the same name, The Tomorrow People is about a young man struggling to deal with the sudden development of special powers.

Revealing new trailers for Tomorrow People, The 100 + Originals
Jun 4, 2013

It’s looking like a sci-fi overload over at The CW this fall, and the network has released three new trailers showing off mutants, vampires and the post-apocalypse. Sound fun?

Latest trailer for CW's Tomorrow People delivers a major X-Men vibe
May 30, 2013

One of the most intriguing sci-fi series of the fall looks to bring super-powered teens back to primetime, and now we have a ton of new footage from The CW’s Tomorrow People.