Tommy Lee Jones

Matt Damon returns in first 3 action-packed clips from Jason Bourne
Jul 11, 2016

Holy heck, is Jason Bourne back in a big way! Universal Pictures has released the first three clips from its upcoming new Bourne movie.

The next Men in Black movie will include a Woman in Black
Nov 25, 2015

The Men in Black franchise will add a female member to the team in their next screen adventure.

2nd Men in Black 3 trailer: New footage, more FX, uglier aliens
Dec 17, 2012

The new trailer for Men in Black 3 is out and it looks amazing. Welcome back, Agents K (the new dynamic duo of Tommy Lee Jones and Josh Brolin) and J (an ever-youthful Will Smith). We really missed ya!

7 new pics of those creepy, crawly Men in Black 3 aliens
Dec 17, 2012

Some new pics from the upcoming Men in Black 3 show off even more of the wacky alien designs we can expect, and it seems the creators are going for broke with the out-of-this-world (literally) characters.

Get jiggy with a trio of new Men in Black 3 clips
Dec 17, 2012

With The Avengers steamrolling into theaters in 48 hours (give or take) and the final Dark Knight Rises trailer dropping yesterday, we're going to need something else to fixate on, right? Sony wants to fill that vacuum with Men in Black 3 goodies.

1st Men in Black 3 trailer is full of secrets, lies and time travel
Dec 16, 2012

Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones are at it again: cracking wise, frowning intently and giving the Earth-based alien community a run for their money. So, how do our favorite government employees acquit themselves in this third Men in Black outing, almost 10 years after the last?

Smith and Jones signed on for Men in Black III 3-D
Dec 14, 2012

Sounds like that proposed third movie is moving forward. And it's in 3-D.

Tommy Lee Jones confirmed for Captain America! (But as what?)
Dec 14, 2012

Rumors about Jones' involvement in the movie have been going around for weeks without official confirmation from Marvel Studios.