Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy signs on to star in Venom movie, Zombieland director to helm

There’d been rumblings that Sony wanted to make a Venom solo film, and the studio has locked in a major star to take on the iconic Spider-Man baddie.

Mad Max is going for Best Picture gold at the Oscars
Oct 13, 2015

Warner Bros. Pictures has confirmed what many of us already know -- that Mad Max: Fury Road is one of the best movies of the year.

Hugh Jackman has an intriguing choice to follow him as Wolverine
Sep 24, 2015

Hugh Jackman's not quite done being Wolverine yet, but he already has an idea about who could play the role next.

Tom Hardy will bring Vertigo Comics' 100 Bullets to the screen
Aug 11, 2015

Tom Hardy is diving back into the comic-book movie game.

1st pic of bulked-up Tom Hardy from Dark Knight Rises set
Jul 4, 2015

When we heard that Tom Hardy, who stole the show in Inception as far as some of us were concerned, had been cast as Bane, the guy who broke Batman's back, in the upcoming movie The Dark Knight Rises, we knew the guy had the talent to pull it off. But did he have the muscle to pull it off?

Mad Max: Fury Road sequel scores an official title from director George Miller
May 19, 2015

Rockatansky will roll on in this next installment of the resurrected Mad Max franchise.

Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy on the most dangerous stunt they did in Fury Road
May 19, 2015

Mad Max: Fury Road is a movie packed with dangerous stunts, but one really stood out for its stars.

You've seen Mad Max: Fury Road, now catch up on all the easter eggs you might've missed
May 18, 2015

It has taken a few decades, but Mad Max: Fury Road has finally arrived (and it is glorious). But how does it connect to the rest of the series?

Tom Hardy teases 'absolutely awesome' DC Comics mystery project
May 8, 2015

Tom Hardy made headlines with the recent declaration that he’d like to play the Punisher for Marvel, but it turns out he already has another comic-book project in the works at DC.

George Miller originally planned an anime spinoff for Mad Max: Fury Road
May 7, 2015

George Miller has been kicking around ideas for his Mad Max sequel Fury Road for more than a decade, but it seems the original plan was much more ambitious.

Warner Bros. unleashes 6 new action-packed Mad Max: Fury Road clips and B-Roll footage
May 4, 2015

Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron get up close and personal in six new clips and cool behind-the-scenes footage from George Miller's newest Mad Max opus.

Charlize Theron gives Mad Max a run for his money in final Fury Road trailer
Apr 28, 2015

The final trailer for Mad Max: Fury Road has been released, and it finally gives us a look at the film’s other star. You know, the not-Mad one.


New Mad Max: Fury Road trailer connects the dots across the entire saga
Apr 15, 2015

If you’ve been missing the Mel Gibson era, the latest trailer for Warner Bros.’s Mad Max: Fury Road should be right up your alley.


Tom Hardy talks Fury Road, reveals he's signed on for three Mad Max sequels
Apr 2, 2015

It’s been a long road, but we’re just a few weeks away from Tom Hardy’s debut in the new-look Mad Max. But what comes after Fury Road?