Todd McFarlane

Todd McFarlane updates on Spawn reboot, promises 'dark, R-rated' approach
Sep 19, 2016

Work has been stumbling forward on a new version of Spawn for years, and now creator Todd McFarlane has offered up a fresh update on the long-developing film project.

Todd McFarlane offers peek at new Spawn script, promises movie is still happening
Mar 15, 2016

It’s been a long time coming, and now Todd McFarlane has offered up the first look at his new Spawn script.

Todd McFarlane says the Spawn script is finished, but don’t expect a superhero film
Feb 15, 2016

Will the success of Deadpool open the doors for Todd McFarlane's R-rated Spawn movie?

McFarlane's Amazing Spider-Man cover sets record for original comic art
Jun 25, 2015

Hear that crazy crumbling noise? It's the sound of another world record being broken for a single piece of comic art. The winning bid for this iconic Spidey cover was over $600K so don't give up on those art classes just yet. Head in for the ultra-auction scoop...

The Walking Dead collectibles from Toy Fair 2015 that will eat your wallet this year
Feb 20, 2015

Feast on a selection of what's to come in The Walking Dead stuff for your home, office or abandoned prison complex.

Image of the Day: Todd McFarlane reveals the Spawn/Batman crossover you've never seen
Feb 5, 2015

Todd McFarlane has revealed the long-lost cover for that Spawn/Batman crossover that no one has ever seen.

Image of the Day: Todd McFarlane's "Evolution of Spawn" Infographic
Jan 30, 2015

Watch the heroic Hellspawn's costume morph through 24 years of comics.

Todd McFarlane + Brian K. Vaughan reveal new sci-fi comics for Image's 2015 schedule
Jan 9, 2015

Major indie publisher Image Comics, best known as the house that Spawn and Walking Dead built, is prepping 18 new books for 2015. It’s going to be a fun year.


Todd McFarlane reveals the first Spawn promo art he ever created circa 1991
Dec 30, 2014

Todd McFarlane is the poster child for indie comic creators, and he’s opened up the vault to reveal where it all began.


Todd McFarlane reveals first peek at mysterious new Spawn animated project
Oct 24, 2014

It’s been more than a decade since Todd McFarlane’s Spawn wrapped up its run on HBO, and now the comic's creator has revealed a first peek at a new animated project.

EXCLUSIVE: Talking Walking Dead, Spidey, Spawn + toys with Image Comics' Todd McFarlane
Jul 8, 2014

Between his role at Walking Dead publisher Image Comics and his own McFarlane Toys company, Todd McFarlane has left a mark on both industries over the past few decades.

Spawn creator explains what we can expect from that film reboot
Oct 11, 2013

Todd McFarlane is still planning to bring Spawn back to the big screen, but don't expect just another superhero movie out of him.

Spawn concept art shows 1997 film could've been more badass
Sep 27, 2013

Some new concept art from the 1997 hot mess Spawn has been revealed, showcasing some wild designs that build on the comics art style.