Toby Kebbell

Doctor Doom actor says there's a great version of Fantastic Four we'll never see
Jun 8, 2016

According to actor Toby Kebbell, there was a very different Fantastic Four that never made it to movie screens.

The second trailer for Duncan Jones' epic fantasy movie Warcraft is finally here!
Apr 19, 2016

Finally! Here's the second official trailer for Legendary Pictures and Universal Pictures' upcoming fantasy movie Warcraft.

Worlds collide in new international trailer for Duncan Jones' Warcraft
Mar 28, 2016

Dark forces are upon this new international trailer for director Duncan Jones' upcoming epic fantasy movie.

Actor who played Dr. Doom says fans 'aren't wrong' about Fantastic Four flop
Nov 9, 2015

Months after Fantastic Four tanked, the aftermath of the film's disastrous arrival continues.

First trailer for director Duncan Jones' Warcraft movie soars into action
Nov 6, 2015

Step into the world of Warcraft with the first full-length trailer for the hotly anticipated fantasy movie.

Travis Fimmel leads the charge in 3 new stills from Duncan Jones' Warcraft movie
Nov 2, 2015

While we eagerly await the first trailer for director Duncan Jones' upcoming Warcraft movie, three new stills from the fantasy film have been released.

The two best 2014 acting performances you won't see honored at the Oscars...but should
Feb 20, 2015

As you settle in to watch the Oscars this Sunday, let's give some respect to two talented artists who won't be there to accept an award ... but should be.

The Fantastic Four reboot just found its Doctor Doom!
Apr 1, 2014

It looks like Josh Trank's new take on Marvel's First Family has finally found its big, bad villain!

One of these actors could be Fantastic Four's new Doctor Doom
Mar 12, 2014

Have the Fantastic Four met their match? Twentieth Century Fox is zoning in on the actor to play the notorious Doctor Doom.

Actor from aborted Akira reveals changes that would have ruined it
Dec 16, 2012

We've recently seen some unused storyboards from the stalled U.S. attempt to bring the famed manga/anime tale Akira to the big screen, but now one of the film's would-be stars has opened up about how the project may be better off stuck in purgatory.