Watch footage of a spacecraft fly over the surface of Saturn's moon Titan
Jan 13, 2017

With the Cassini-Huygens mission set to wrap up in September, NASA has released some footage from the probe's fly-by of Saturn's moon Titan.

Forget Mars. Why we should colonize Saturn's moon Titan instead
Dec 1, 2016

Titan has one particular advantage over the Moon and Mars when it comes to colonization.

Scientists say potential life on Titan could be completely different than anything we know
Sep 27, 2016

Scientists obviously have a basic understanding of what it takes for life to exist (we have quite a bit of it to study here on Earth), but they’re starting to realize the playbook won’t work when you’re dealing with a place like Titan.

NASA wants to send a submarine into the largest ocean on Saturn's moon Titan
Aug 30, 2016

Saturn’s moon Titan is one of the most interesting sites in our solar system, and NASA wants to build a high-tech submarine to explore its icy depths.

The odds of alien life on Saturn's moon Titan just got even better
Jul 7, 2016

Scientists have always been hopeful that Saturn’s moon Titan might harbor signs of alien life, and it seems the odds have only gotten better with some new findings.

NASA's Cassini finds massive 124-mile ice cloud on Saturn's moon Titan
Nov 23, 2015

Scientists have spotted a monster polar ice cloud on Saturn's moon Titan. 

Spain's building a 'space boat' to sail on Saturn's biggest moon
Dec 17, 2012

While NASA's Curiosity Rover keeps beaming cool stuff back to us from Mars, scientists are already looking for the next big thing to explore. Now a team has set its sights on Titan, Saturn's largest moon, but they don't want to send a rover.