See what Thor was up to during Captain America: Civil War in hilarious SDCC video
Aug 29, 2016

They took their sweet time, but Marvel has finally released the hilarious Thor mockumentary shown to the fans during their Hall H panel at San Diego Comic-Con back in July.

There is now an official line of DC and Marvel suits, and they're actually not terrible
Aug 25, 2016

Yes, on the surface, it sounds like cross-promotion run amok. But man, despite the long odds, these are actually pretty darn cool.

I Am Legend screenwriter to pen Flash Gordon reboot
Jan 15, 2016

First it landed a name-brand director, and now that Flash Gordon reboot you forgot was happening has signed up a new screenwriter as well.

Man creates working replica of Thor's hammer only he can hoist
Oct 15, 2015

Think you can forge the legendary Mjolnir on your own?  This guy made one using electromagnets from an old microwave!

Rumor of the Day: Mark Ruffalo's Hulk to smash his way into Thor: Ragnarok
Oct 12, 2015

Looks like the Big Guy's next appearance prior to Avengers: Infinity War will be in the God of Thunder's third "solo" outing.

Apparently, Thor 2 will spend a lot of time underground. But why?
Jul 4, 2015

Just last week, we heard a stuntman spilled possible villain details for Thor 2: The Dark World, and now those details seem to be making more sense. Why? Well, word is the flick's getting ready to go underground. POSSIBLE SPOILERS AHEAD!

Marvel FIRED Thor 2's director (and Natalie Portman is pissed)
Jul 4, 2015

We were hoping that Thor 2 would be a good action-adventure movie. What we didn't realize was that it would also be a drama.

Star Trek's seductive Borg Queen nabs a Thor 2 role (but which?)
Jul 4, 2015

One of Star Trek's sexiest actress is heading to Thor: The Dark World—because the Borg Queen herself, actress Alice Krige, has nabbed a role in the upcoming Marvel Thor sequel.

Do these set pics reveal Christopher Eccleston as Thor 2's Malekith?
Jul 4, 2015

Paparazzi have been all over the Thor: The Dark World set. We've seen our fair share of Chris Hemsworth's God of Thunder, and Jaimie Alexander as the warrior Sif. Now we've got our first look at their newest adversary.

Always truthful, forthright Loki talks Thor 2 and The Avengers
Jul 4, 2015

There had been rumors that Thor 2's new director — Kenneth Branagh is not coming back in the director's chair, as you know — would be a Game of Thrones director by the name of Brian Kirk. But it's still not set in stone, according to Tom Hiddleston, who plays the Trickster God himself, Loki.

New deleted Thor scene reveals sweet alternate ending
Jun 26, 2015

Though Thor has been out on Blu-ray for a while now, it seems Marvel held onto a few choice nuggets to include in their massive Phase One box set. Among the goodies—an alternate scene from the ending of Thor that didn't make the cut. Want to see?