Cosplay we Love: Watch Thanos stroll down an Italian sidewalk
Mar 24, 2017

Here's an incredible 7-foot-tall Thanos suit to lord over your puny galaxy.

Image(s) of the day: Thor is on the case
Aug 1, 2016

Comic-Con fans recently got a taste of what Thor has been up to lately, and now a bit of it has surfaced online as well.

Avengers: Infinity War directors reveal it's getting a new set of titles
May 4, 2016

Don't get too attached to that name for Marvel's big upcoming two-parter, say the Russo Brothers.

Marvel's Feige on Avengers: Infinity War: 'There's a gauntlet that needs to be filled'
Sep 30, 2015

Marvel has spent the better part of a decade setting the stage for one ambitious chess match, and now Kevin Feige has opened up about the pending Infinity War.

Kevin Feige teases Thanos will be back in Guardians of the Galaxy
Jul 4, 2015

Marvel head honcho Kevin Feige has apparently teased that the Mad Titan Thanos—briefly glimpsed during the squee-inducing mid-credit sequence for The Avengers—will be a part of that Guardians of the Galaxy film Marvel's now working on.

Marvel's Kevin Feige reveals a big secret behind the MCU's Infinity Gauntlet
May 4, 2015

Kevin Feige has just spilled the cosmic beans on a big Infinity Gauntlet secret. Can you guess what it is?

Josh Brolin talks Thanos, Iron Man, multiple Marvel movies
Aug 8, 2014

If you were hoping for more Thanos, you are in luck. Josh Brolin seems like he's here to stay.

Those Avengers/Guardians crossover talks have already started
Aug 1, 2014

With Guardians of the Galaxy all but certain to become Marvel's latest screen superstars, talk about them meeting up with that other superhero team has already begun.

Here's our first leaked look at Josh Brolin as Thanos in Guardians of the Galaxy
Jul 31, 2014

Our very first look at big bad Thanos from Guardians of the Galaxy has been leaked online, and we've got it here.

Nebula finds her voice and we find Thanos's throne in the latest Guardians Featurette
Jul 24, 2014

This video about Gamora gives us just as much about the baddies as it does about her.

Report: This is what Thanos is up to in Guardians of the Galaxy
Jun 3, 2014

We may finally know how much of the Mad Titan we'll see in Marvel's next superhero adventure.

New report says THIS is the actor who'll play Marvel's Thanos
May 30, 2014

Looks like Marvel's found the right star to play its Mad Titan.

Thanos creator Jim Starlin blasts Marvel for shelving character in his new comic
Apr 30, 2014

Jim Starlin, the guy who created Marvel’s Thanos, is once again at odds with the comic company. The latest problem: They’re (apparently) messing with his new comic’s story arc.