Adam Savage toys with the creatures and props of Alien: Covenant

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Adam Savage dons Alien: Covenant spacesuits plus new featurette and B-roll video

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Adam Savage reveals how Ghost in the Shell's robot skeleton was created
Mar 16, 2017

The former Mythbusters maestro delves into the science behind Ghost in the Shell's amazing SFX.

Adam Savage takes a look at ScarJo's Thermoptic Suit in Ghost in the Shell
Mar 9, 2017

After getting an inside look at Ghost in the Shell's robot geishas at Weta Workshop, everyone's favorite über geek and one-half of the former MythBusters duo, Adam Savage, was given access to the movie's Thermoptic Suit worn by star Scarlett Johansson.

Adam Savage takes a Weta tour of Ghost in the Shell's robot geishas
Feb 28, 2017

The famous Mythbuster visits Weta Workshop to view the incredible Ghost in the Shell robots.