Terry Crews

Terry Crews STILL wants to play Luke Cage. Can Marvel and Netflix make it so?
Aug 12, 2014

Terry Crews is still very keen to play Luke Cage. Can Marvel and Netflix actually make it so?

Expendables co-star wants to be Marvel's hero for hire in Luke Cage series
Mar 11, 2014

Marvel's looking for a Luke Cage, and one star isn't shy about offering his services.

Now here's a dumb idea: Mike Judge's Idiocracy getting a sequel
Dec 17, 2012

Though its gone on to cult status now, Mike Judge's future-set comedy Idiocracy was a huge flop when it opened back in 2006. But thanks to fans finding it on cable and DVD, the time might finally be right for a sequel. Welcome back to the (very, very dumb) world of 2506.

Why you shouldn't ask Terry Crews about Terminator Salvation
Dec 14, 2012

The actor has a bone to pick with McG and the makers of Terminator Salvation.