Terrence Howard

Wayward Pines producer: "It's actually nothing like Twin Peaks"
Apr 10, 2015

Wayward Pines is an upcoming Fox event series that takes place in a remote small town where strange things happen. Sound familiar?

Terrence Howard blasts Downey, Jr. for his messy Iron Man departure
Nov 15, 2013

Considering how big the Marvel universe has become, the company has done a pretty good job of keeping actors from hit movies around to make sure things are consistent — well, except for one.

Terrence Howard on how Iron Man tested him and killed his career
Mar 18, 2013

Iron Man introduced us to the tag-team of Tony Stark and James Rhodes. Five years after the first film, Terrence Howard's breaking his silence about his tumultuous exit.

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Dec 14, 2012

Could actor Terrence Howard be back on good terms with Marvel Studios—and even working with the company again—after being replaced as Rhodey by Don Cheadle in Iron Man 2?

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Dec 14, 2012

The actor talks about being replaced in the upcoming Iron Man 2.

Terrence Howard to produce, star in tropical take on Macbeth
Dec 14, 2012

The Iron Man star is developing the new film take on Shakespeare's classic play.