Scientists determine two-sun planets like Tatooine are way more common than we'd originally thought
Sep 17, 2014

They've been a staple of sci-fi since Luke Skywalker gazed upon an alien sky in Star Wars, and now scientists say binary star systems might be a lot more common than we’d originally thought.

Sand dunes expected to bury decade-old Star Wars Tatooine set
Jul 20, 2013

Fans might’ve managed to save the classic site that served as Uncle Owen’s home on Tatooine, but mother nature is on the verge of claiming another iconic Star Wars set in the Tunisian desert.

See what may be 1st pic of a Tatooine-like planet + its 2 suns
Mar 25, 2013

We've known they've existed for a while, but this is the first time we've ever seen one.

Scientists discover a REAL planet that's just like Tatooine
Dec 15, 2012

Just in time for the Blu-ray release of the Star Wars saga, NASA has made an incredible discovery: the real-life version of Tatooine!