Sylvester Stallone

Sly Stallone confirmed as Starhawk in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Marvel comes clean on the rumor of Sly Stallone's GotG2 character in leaked media notes.

Is Sly Stallone playing Starhawk in Guardians of the Galaxy 2?

An Italian movie site just tweeted a press release for Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and revealed a spoilery casting detail.

Who does Stallone blame for the death of action films? Superheroes
Jul 4, 2015

Even at 65, Sylvester Stallone is still out there fighting the action movie fight for moviegoers everywhere, but he seems to be losing a little bit of his faith these days. Sure, he's got plenty of action on the way with The Expendables 2 and The Tomb both headed for theaters, but he sees a new threat rising that might kill the genre that made his name forever, and it's a threat clad in tights and cape.

Sylvester Stallone, Rosario Dawson join Ratchet & Clank CGI animated film
May 13, 2015

The beloved videogame Ratchet & Clank is coming to the big screen, and the studio has locked in a cast of A-list talent to bring it to life.


Origin for one of the oddest sci-fi movie ideas revealed: Demolition Man's 3 seashells
Dec 9, 2014

Demolition Man is a weird movie for many reasons. But the one thing people are still talking about is from a scene that is centered around the toilet. 

Karl Urban (very carefully) says what he thinks of Stallone's Dredd
Dec 17, 2012

Many are looking forward to seeing Dredd later this year because it represents a chance at big-screen redemption for the character after the much-maligned 1995 Sylvester Stallone film. Most comic book devotees aren't shy about showering Stallone's version with hate—but when Dredd star Karl Urban was asked what he thought of the flick, he was a bit more ... careful.

Dredd writer explains how Stallone's flop made his film possible
Dec 17, 2012

Though it absolutely bombed at the box office, Dredd is a pretty darn good comic book adaptation. It's dark, gritty and (most importantly) true to the source material. But, believe it or not, we need to thank Sylvester Stallone and his generally mocked 1995 Judge Dredd film for it getting made. Really!

Why Rambo 5 SHOULD be a sci-fi epic
Dec 14, 2012

Sylvester Stallone says the next Rambo won't be a sci-fi epic after all, but we think it should.

The awesome zombie lightsaber fight Mark Hamill almost had
Dec 14, 2012

The Star Wars actor was one of several celebrities considered for a special cameo role.