Sylvester McCoy

Watch four former Doctors weigh in on whether age matters on Doctor Who
Apr 24, 2014

A new video has been released that has former Time Lords Peter Davison, Sylvester McCoy, Colin Baker and Tom Baker poking quite a bit of fun at David Tennant and Matt Smith.

Sylvester McCoy joins Who spoof based on Community's Inspector Spacetime
Feb 18, 2014

Hold on, Doctor Who and Community fans, because things are about to get very meta and even more timey-wimey.

Did 3 former Doctors spotted at the BBC film cameos for Who's Xmas special?
Sep 26, 2013

Rumor is that former Doctors Peter Davison, Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy may put in an appearance in this year's Doctor Who Xmas special ... Geronimo?

3 former Doctors spotted protesting Who's 50th: Is it real or a PR stunt?
Sep 9, 2013

Some of the Doctors of yore have been spotted holding up signs outside the BBC, but what's it all about?

3 former Doctors push for Peter Jackson to direct an episode of Who
Apr 15, 2013

Will Peter Jackson finally get to direct an episode of Doctor Who in New Zealand? And if so, could it be anything other than EPIC?

Say it ain't so! Here are 3 more former Docs who won’t be in Who’s 50th
Apr 10, 2013

If you were still holding out hope that we’d get to see a few more former Time Lords in the upcoming Doctor Who 50th anniversary special, well, don’t.

7th Doctor shares distressing Who 50th news (but should we believe him?)
Mar 12, 2013

Sylvester McCoy was asked about his potential involvement in Doctor Who's 50th Anniversary special. He spoke for himself, and others as well.

8 new Hobbit pics give closer look at Sylvester McCoy's wizard
Dec 17, 2012

USA Today has released a slew of brand new images from Peter Jackson's upcoming The Hobbit trilogy. Wanna know what the coolest part is? We're getting a rather up close and personal look at Doctor Who's Sylvester McCoy's wizard Radagast the Brown.

5 former Doctors come to the aid of classic Who companion
Dec 17, 2012

Janet Fielding is probably best known for playing companion Tegan Jovanka to Peter Davison's Fifth Doctor. She's been diagnosed with cancer and, because Doctor Who really is like a big family, Davison is getting some folks to help out. Some big name folks, in fact.

1st look at 7th Doctor Sylvester McCoy as The Hobbit's other wizard
Dec 17, 2012

Gandalf and Saruman aren't the only wizards walking Middle-earth. A third staff-wielding magician, Radagast the Brown, will make his big-screen debut in Peter Jackson's Hobbit trilogy, and he'll be played by the legendary Doctor Who star Sylvester McCoy.

Wait'll you see how Sylvester McCoy wants to return for Who's 50th
Dec 16, 2012

Sylvester McCoy, aka the Seventh Doctor (you know, the one with the big red question mark umbrella), has recently said that he'd love to return to Doctor Who for the show's 50th Anniversary bash—but NOT as a former Doctor.

Sylvester McCoy to be The Hobbit's OTHER wizard
Dec 14, 2012

We've known for awhile now that Sylvester McCoy has been in talks to play an important role in the upcoming The Hobbit movies. First we thought it would be Bilbo, but then we began hearing rumors that the actor was up for the role of Radagast the Brown. Over the weekend, the former Seventh Doctor Who set the record straight.