Suspiria remake taps Radiohead's Thom Yorke to compose score

Just like the original film did 40 years ago, the new Suspiria will feature a score from an artist in the rock genre.

Chloë Grace Moretz joins Tilda Swinton and Dakota Johnson for Suspiria remake
Oct 4, 2016

The Kick-Ass actress has joined director Luca Guadagnino's remake of Dario Argento's classic horror movie.

Suspiria remake finally back on track as it finds a new director
Sep 9, 2015

Suspiria fans can heave a sigh of relief. The planned remake is back on track, with a new director and a whole new take on Dario Argento's classic horror film.

TV offshoot of classic horror film Suspiria being developed
Apr 8, 2015

A new series connected to the 1977 Italian horror classic is in the works.

Russian Olympians swim to music from 1977 horror classic Suspiria
Dec 17, 2012

It seems the Olympics are turning into a geek proving ground. After a Mexican gymnast performed a routine to an obscure tune from the videogame Zelda, a team of Russian swimmers have now rocked a routine to a classic horror tune.

What works, what sucks and what's coming for 11 horror remakes!
Dec 14, 2012

We take a look at the classic horror films that are being redone and what's special about them.