Image of the Day: Kara visits Superman's Fortress of Solitude on Supergirl
Trent Moore

The CBS series Supergirl hasn’t been shy about embracing the more comic book-y corners of the DC universe, and now its introducing a key piece of the Superman mythos.

Zack Snyder: I did not change Superman!
Don Kaye

We're just weeks away from the arrival of Batman v Superman and the director is still defending his choices on Man of Steel.

Here's our first look at a young Superman on CBS' Supergirl
Nathalie Caron

Next week's episode of Supergirl is taking us back to Krypton, where Kara is reunited with her family, including her cousin Kal-El. 

Rumor of the Day: Another major villain will show up in Batman v Superman
Don Kaye

As if Lex Luthor and Doomsday aren't enough, the founders of the Justice League may have another problem to worry about. Potential spoilers ahead!

20 superheroes and the Winter Olympics sports they've got to try
Matthew Jackson

Sometimes, when you look at superheroes and Olympians, it's a bit hard to tell the two apart.

This actor says he's ready to play Superman next
Don Kaye

When Henry Cavill is ready to hang up his cape and costume, there's an actor who's ready and willing to take the job.

One of Superman's most infamous villains is back for the next DC event
Matthew Jackson

Get ready for another showdown between Superman and the villain who once cost him his life.

Check out the oldest existing Superman artwork, about to hit the auction block
Trent Moore

Got some spare lottery winnings burning a hole in your pocket? Good news! The oldest original artwork of Superman currently in existence is about to hit the auction block.

DC Comics convenes a blockbuster creative team for Superman this summer
Matthew Jackson

Even if you haven't read a Superman comic in a while, you might want to pick one up soon after hearing this news.

Surprising no one, Bryan Singer admits he has regrets about Superman Returns
Dany Roth

If you're still frustrated about the last Superman reboot, you're not alone. Even it's director has regrets about it.

Watch a supercut of every Visual Effects Oscar winner (Star Wars to Life of Pi)
Krystal Clark

It's Oscar season, and we want to celebrate one of our favorite categories: Best Visual Effects. Check out this video timeline that covers all the winners from the past 36 years.

DC responds to kid's letter, tells him their movies sell better than Marvel's -- but is it true?
Dany Roth

One child bravely asked DC how they were going to combat Marvel's borderline movie monopoly. DC's response was...surprising.