CBS's Supergirl is finally adding Superman to the cast, but with a twist
Trent Moore

We’ve glimpsed Superman a time or two on the fringes, but now CBS’s Supergirl is getting ready to officially add the Man of Steel. There’s just one thing.

Rumor of the Day: Potential plot points for DC's Justice League Part 1
Don Kaye

Thanks to a casting agency, we may have some insight into the storyline of Justice League Part 1. Potential spoilers ahead!

Here's how David Goyer justifies Superman killing Zod in Man of Steel
Nathalie Caron

It may have been two years, but the sound of Superman snapping the neck of General Zod in Man of Steel is still being heard all over the world.

Goyer on the status of Syfy’s Superman prequel series Krypton
Trent Moore

It’s been almost a year since we heard David S. Goyer (Man of Steel) was developing a Superman prequel television series at Syfy. Now we finally have an update on Krypton.

That epic battle between Hulk + Superman continues in latest fan clip
Trent Moore

What would happen if Superman fought The Hulk? One extremely talented comic book fan has been working for three years to answer that question, and the latest ass-kicking installment has arrived.

Superman creators' heirs reveal they're not done fighting WB
Matthew Jackson

Warner Bros. may have won all of the latest rounds in the Superman copyright battle, but the heirs of creators Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster aren't throwing in the towel just yet.

23 amazing gifts your superhero sidekicks will love this holiday season
Matthew Jackson

If you're having trouble with your holiday shopping this year, you can take comfort in this fact: everyone loves superheroes.

Sorry, collectors! Turns out vintage comics aren't worth as much as you think
Trent Moore

Been holding onto that old crate of comics, thinking they might turn out to be a nice nest egg in a few decades? Well, think again.

16 pics of vintage sci-fi Halloween costumes that kinda creep us out
Evan Hoovler

Back in the day, kids were a lot more like Leatherface or Michael Myers ... in that they had to make their own masks.

Bill and Ted meet Superman in most uncomfortable Halloween special ever
Dany Roth

Bill and Ted are about to go on a Wizard-of-Oz-esque journey with Superman (and others). Sound awesome? It really isn't.

James Caan reveals the Superman movie we didn't get (and disses Harrison Ford!)
Dany Roth

James Caan was very nearly Superman once, and that movie would have been quite different.

Check out the Kryptonian general's origin story in 4-page Zod #1 preview
Jeff Spry

DC's Villains Month kicks into high gear with little Dru-Zod playing with pet monsters.