DC says that controversial Orson Scott Card Superman comic is still on
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Controversy or no controversy, Orson Scott Card's new Superman story for DC Comics will be published ... eventually.

Legendary comic writer Grant Morrison bashes Man of Steel ending
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Comic guru Grant Morrison has been cranking out acclaimed funny books for decades, so what does the DC alum (and Superman comic writer) think of Man of Steel?

Rumor of the Day: That Batman/Superman movie already has a title
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All we really know about DC’s next superhero movie is that it will feature Superman and Batman, but it sounds like writer David Goyer might’ve already slipped up and given away the title.

Here's how the controversial Man of Steel SHOULD have ended
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If you weren't too sure about Superman's behavior in his latest reboot, this video will make you feel much better.

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For one man, dressing like the Man of Steel inspired some true heroics.