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DC unleashes new Rebirth costume designs for Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and more

DC Comics will be undertaking a “Rebirth” shakeup that will kick off later this month, and we’ve got a closer look at the new costume designs for DC’s Holy Trinity and more.

New video featurette salutes the Superman cartoons of Max Fleischer

Relive the glories of Max Fleischer's classic Superman cartoons in this all-star tribute video.

8 awesome sci-fi movie skins that mess with your MacBook Apple

If that Apple on your MacBook laptop is looking kinda lonely there all by itself, maybe it's time you spiced it up a bit with skins depicting characters from great sci-fi movies, just like these guys did.

9 tantalizing sci-fi movie projects we wish hadn't fallen apart

What if Sam Peckinpah got to make a superhero movie? What might David Lynch's Return of the Jedi have looked like? Hollywood is a mysterious land filled with tantalizing combinations of talent and subject that could've produced either classic pieces of genre entertainment—or disasters of gargantuan proportions.

11 most ridiculously overpowered superpowers in sci-fi history

Superpowers should be enhanced skills that make an ordinary person heroic and an evil person extremely difficult to defeat. Superpowers should NOT be an effective end-all to any and every conflict the character faces.

The WTF moment Marvel Comics almost got the rights to Superman

Jim Shooter, one of Marvel's most controversial editors, recently revealed a major secret from the archives—Marvel almost bought Superman! In fact, they very nearly gained the rights to ALL of the major DC heroes. Yes, really.

12 disastrous movie sequels we wish didn't exist to spoil series we love

After watching the first two Terminator movies for the first time, my excited nephew told me, "There's a Terminator 3." I contradicted him, "No there's not." In response to his confusion, I explained how there are movies so disappointing that they can ruin the enjoyment of their predecessors.

Rumor of the Day: Man of Steel synopsis REVEALED

Back in 2006, Superman Returns paid serious homage to the Christopher Reeve incarnation of the man in blue. Five years later, Zack Snyder and David Goyer are working hard to bring us a very different kind of Superman with Man of Steel and we may have the first details on what that movie will be like.

Check out those biceps on Henry Cavill in new Man of Steel pics

We've got some brand new pics of Henry Cavill in his Man of Steel Superman costume this morning. While the revealing shots provide us with a solid overall look at the costume, they also allow us to pay close scrutinity at Supe's now (in)famous redesigned crotch section.

Man of Steel's Henry Cavill almost went all sparkly for Twilight

British actor Henry Cavill was pretty much unknown to moviegoers when he landed the role of Superman in the upcoming Man of Steel. But Cavill could have found himself in another franchise entirely—and might have been a star by now.

7 superheroes who aren't doing nearly enough to save the world

They dress in colorful costumes. They have battles in the streets. They say they protect us. But, frankly, protecting us from megalomaniacs and doing everything they can for us is hardly the same thing—and some of the most famous superheroes are so busy striking poses and fighting crime that they never get around to doing what's really important.

Grant Morrison says we should chill: Superman did NOT curse God

Superman and DC Comics sure are getting themselves into trouble lately. First it was Supes denouncing his US citizenship, then it was DC rebooting his character, and now two little letters have the Man of Steel and writer Grant Morrison under fire—GD.