Source says Man of Steel 2 is on 'permanent hold'
Don Kaye

Although Warner Bros. Pictures is rolling out an ambitious slate of DC Comics-based movies over the next five years, the fate of one film remains uncertain.

Rumor of the Day: George Miller might make a DC Comics movie after all
Matthew Jackson

Years after his failed Justice League film, George Miller might return to the world of DC Comics.

Henry Cavill reveals the only thing that can really beat Superman
Nathalie Caron

Superman actor Henry Cavill shared his thoughts on the only thing that could beat the Man of Steel.

Actress Natalie Dormer says violence in Superman is worse than Game of Thrones
Carol Pinchefsky

Violence in Game of Thrones doesn't bother star Natalie Dormer. But in Superman, it does. Here's why.

This Superman villain will show up in Supergirl
Don Kaye

Fans of Kal-El and his many villains may recognize this bad guy -- or at least his name -- when he shows up during Supergirl's premiere season.

Ohio drivers may soon have unique way to show some Superman love
Dany Roth

If you live in the Buckeye State, it's time to rip open your button-up shirt, remove your glasses, and blast that John Williams soundtrack on your car stereo. After a bevy of knock-offs and unofficial symbols, there's a movement to formally add an emblazoned "S" to the roster of Ohio State license plates.

26 memorable sci-fi movie and TV weddings you'll want to crash
Evan Hoovler

Everyone always talks about romance on Valentine's Day, but what about the ultimate romance ender? Marriage! (We kid, we kid.) So check out some cute and cheesy photos from memorable sci-fi TV and movie weddings that are so romantic, they put our idea of true love on an unreachably-high pedestal forever.

4 directors who could do a better Superman than Zack Snyder

It's been a painful week for Superman fans. First they got a reminder of what went wrong the last time someone tried to bring their favorite hero to the big screen when director Bryan Singer tried to explain why Superman Returns didn't work.

Bizarre legal battle could result in TWO competing Superman pics
Don Kaye

By the time Man of Steel comes out in 2012, it will be six years since the last Superman movie. But thanks to a bizarre legal battle, there could be TWO Superman projects up and running by 2013.

1st official pic of Henry Cavill channeling Superman
Nathalie Caron

Superman: Man of Steel may not have started to shoot yet, but Warner Bros. isn't wasting any time getting us used to the film's leading man in the role—the studio has released the first photo of British actor Henry Cavill sporting the big, iconic "S" on his chest.

Rumor of the day: Lindsay Lohan auditioning for role in Superman?
Don Kaye

She's all but unemployable these days, yet Lindsay Lohan is determined to land a role in the new Superman movie. And apparently she may get an audition.

Insanely realistic statue of Christopher Reeve as Superman
Carol Pinchefsky

Remember that insanely realistic bust of Peter Cushing as Grand Moff Tarkin from two weeks ago, the one that had us in awe and creeped us out at the same time? Well, we've found another photorealistic sculpture. And this one is really super.

The 13 must-have sci-fi toys you'll want to own this year

The 108th annual American International Toy Fair is just about ready to pack it in for another year and toy companies from every corner of the globe revealed there's going to be plenty of sci-fi goodness to buy on store shelves in 2011. From Star Wars to superheroes, there's a lot to covet.