Batman v Superman unleashes a new look at the Batmobile in 6 high-res pics
Nathalie Caron

Do you want to see more of Batman's new Batmobile in Zack Snyder's new DC Comics superhero movie? Come into the Batcave.

3 hot new Man of Steel pics prove how buff Henry Cavill really is
Nathalie Caron

Three new Man of Steel pics reveal just how buff actor Henry Cavill is underneath that form-fitting Superman costume. There's really nothing like waking up to some 300-style manly pecs on a Friday morning.

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a Man of Steel casting call revealing plot details!
Adam Swiderski

We've had some tasty tidbits trickling out of the production of Zack Snyder's Superman reboot, Man of Steel, but with shooting about to...

6 new Man of Steel set pics show off more of Henry Cavill's abs
Carol Pinchefsky

Set photos for Man of Steel are hitting the Internet faster than a speeding bullet. And after looking at the most recent batch, we have to wonder what Henry Cavill, the most recent man to step into Kal-El's supersuit, is up to? Damned if we know.

Remember Superman's citizenship controversy? The Chinese want in

Remember the storm back in April after Superman said he was renouncing his American citizenship in the pages of Action Comics #900? Now that the final issue of Action Comics is being published today before the DC Comics company-wide reboot, the brouhaha is getting a second chance at life.

Why Henry Cavill wouldn't look in the mirror at first as Superman

One of the crucial landmarks for any actor playing the Last Son of Krypton is the first time they put on that iconic suit. And while Zack Snyder and Christopher Nolan have redesigned Superman's duds somewhat for Man of Steel, it was still a big deal for Henry Cavill.

Those new Batman and Superman movies WON'T share same universe
Don Kaye

We all know that Marvel Studios is mapping out an ambitious shared film universe for its upcoming batch of movies. But will Warner Bros. Pictures and DC Comics try the same thing with the new Batman and Superman films coming out next year?

Kneel before Aragorn! LOTR star might be Superman's General Zod
Don Kaye

Now that they've cast the Man of Steel himself, director Zack Snyder and producer Christopher Nolan are turning their attention to the villain in their Superman reboot—and a surprising name has come up.

12 super-powerful strains of comic-book-themed cannabis
Dave Maass

From Captain America going to war against drugs to the coining of the term "snootchie bootchies," comic book culture has faced an internal struggle over the issue of marijuana. We're not going to delve into that heaviness, not on April 20.

Will Julia Ormand be Superman's Kryptonian mom in Man of Steel?
Krystal Clark

Seems as if Russell Crowe finally has a Kryptonian mate. Jor-El's wife and Superman's (Henry Cavill) biological mother has been found, and it's Julia Ormond. The cast of Zack Snyder's Man of Steel just keeps getting better and better!

15 wild Kanye West lyrics re-created as classic comic book panels

For years, the Grammy-winning Kanye West has been climbing to the top of the rap game—and, unwittingly, becoming a pretty decent comics writer in the process. Who knew?