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Supergirl EP Andrew Kreisberg talks about Tyler Hoechlin's version of Superman

Although we've already had our first official look at Tyler Hoechlin’s version of Superman on The CW’s Supergirl, we still didn’t know much about how the Last Son of Krypton would be portrayed in the superhero series.

Man of Steel 2 now in "active development" at Warner Bros.

Superman is set to soar in for another solo outing with Warner Bros.' Man of Steel 2.

Superman battles a Kryptonite-wearing foe in new Supergirl BTS video

Some action-packed footage of Superman actor Tyler Hoechlin battling a Kryptonite-wearing foe has emerged as filming on the Vancouver set of The CW’s Supergirl is going roundly.

Image of the Day: Here's our first official look at Superman on The CW's Supergirl

We finally have our first official look at former Teen Wolf star Tyler Hoechlin suited up as the Man of Steel on The CW's Supergirl

Rumor of the Day: Bradley Cooper is Man of Steel's Lex Luthor?

Is Zack Snyder hiding something? When it comes to Man of Steel, he may have another casting up his sleeve. Rumor has it that he's planning a top-secret cameo for Superman's greatest, power hungry villain.

Warner Bros. fight with Superman creators is about to get uglier

The legal battle between Warner Bros. and the estates of Superman creators Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster over the copyright to the Man of Steel has been raging for more than a decade, and the bad blood behind it has been boiling for much, much longer. It often looks like there's no end in sight for this clash, but now Warner Bros. is taking steps to win the fight, once and for all.

Shiny concept art from a Superman game you'll never get to play

It takes a long time for videogames to go from the drawing board to the wireless controller and some of them die along the way. One of the titles that fell by the wayside was a Superman game tentatively titled Blue Steel, and these designs show what could've been, but wasn't.

Wanna own the check that bought Superman for $130?

As a legend and protector of the Earth, Superman belongs to all of us. As a property, however, he belongs to DC thanks to a measly $130. The controversial check that bought the rights to the Man of Steel is now up for sale, but it'll probably cost you a lot more than face value.

New Man of Steel set pic reveals some major superdestruction

We've been seeing photos leaked from the set of Man of Steel for a while now, but we've never seen anything like this before. Some superbeing got all destructive on the Superman movie set, and lucky for us, someone was close by to snap a photo of the aftermath.

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's Man of Steel's new official logo!

300 director Zack Snyder's Superman reboot, Man of Steel, isn't flying into theatres until next year (2013), but there's still no day like today to promote one of the most anticipated comic book adaptations coming our way! So Warner Bros. has decided to release the film's official logo and we gotta say, it kinda oozes with pure awesomeness.

Man of Steel star confesses: 'I can't even read comic books'

Boardwalk Empire star Michael Shannon sure seems to be getting into the villain's role. Recently the Man of Steel's new General Zod made a rather startling—and, likely very unpopular—confession. He doesn't like comics. At all.

Zack Snyder loads up on canon, casts a young Lana Lang

Zack Snyder's not done casting for Man of Steel. Sure, he's got Superman, Lois Lane, and Perry White, but what about Lana Lang? Apparently, Clark's Smallville sweetheart also gets some screen time in Snyder's Superman reboot.

22 rock songs inspired by Batman, Spidey and other comics heroes

When you consider the fact that most rock stars try to pull off a superhero persona anyway, it's no surprise that everyone from Peter Parker to the Boy Wonder has inspired a few hit (and several deep cut) rock 'n roll tunes over the years. Heck, everyone from Prince to the Black Lips has wanted in on the action at some point.

Man of Steel set pics reveal why official pic hid Superman's crotch

Remember that first, official photo of Henry Cavill as Superman in the upcoming movie Man of Steel? While it wasn't clear from that shot whether or not Cavill was wearing the traditional red underpants, some new photos seem to have settled the matter.