superman returns

Jude Law explains why he turned down the role of Superman
Jun 9, 2016

In 2006, the world was given a new Clark Kent/Superman in the form of Brandon Routh, but the role was originally meant for actor Jude Law.

Not Guilty: Superman Returns revisited
Apr 30, 2014

We kick off our series about movies that get a bad rap with the Superman sequel that Bryan Singer built.

This awesome concept art from Superman Returns is better than the actual movie
Apr 18, 2014

Some concept art from Bryan Singer’s 2006 misstep Superman Returns has leaked online, and it’s amazing just how much cooler this things looks on paper. Seriously, it’s sad.

Superman co-creator Jerry Siegel's hair can be yours in WTF auction
Dec 15, 2012

We all dream of owning a killer piece of Superman memorabilia. Maybe you'd like a rare comic, maybe someone else wants a movie prop. But of all the valuable pieces of coolness in the history of the Man of Steel, this is easily among the most bizarre. Yes, now you can purchase your very own lock of Superman writer Jerry Siegel's hair.

Bryan Singer finally admits his Superman Returns mistakes
Dec 14, 2012

Looking back at his time putting Clark Kent, Lois Lane and Lex Luthor through their paces, the director realizes that—in his effort to reach a female audience that traditionally ignored comic-book movies—he might've alienated the fans who were looking for a rollicking good time.

Check out never-before-seen Superman Returns $10 million opening
Dec 14, 2012

Think you know everything there is about Superman Returns? Apparently, director Bryan Singer shot an alternate opening sequence for the 2006 film that's never seen the light of day, and now it's surfaced online.