10 ridiculous comic book superhero sidekicks (Fat Man? Really?)
Dany Roth

It's not uncommon for a superhero type to take a young lad or lass under their wing. (Even Spider-Man just got himself a sidekick!) A lot of sidekicks have gone on to be classics, loved and revered in the comic community. Then there are ... the others.

See 1st trailer for Kevin Smith's indie superhero comedy flick
Dany Roth

Kevin Smith is putting his money where his mouth is by rallying support to distribute an all-new indie take on the super-hero genre, Alter Egos. And we've got the first trailer in all its weird, funky, super-powered glory.

Epic supercut swarms with every superhero movie in existence!
Jeff Spry

Buckle your seatbelt for a blistering ride through six decades of Hollywood's rocky love affair with caped crimefighters. Stitched into this monumental montage of tight spandex, spewing flame and dodged bullets are the heroes that make our pulse pound...and some other guys, too.

Real-life costumed superhero owns threatening guy in street fight
Dany Roth

The last we heard from real-life super-hero, Phoenix Jones, he was getting fired after having his secret identity revealed. But unemployment never keeps a true hero down, and Phoenix Jones recently took down one of the world's greatest foes — racism, and we've got the video that catches it all!

Who does Stallone blame for the death of action films? Superheroes
Matthew Jackson

Even at 65, Sylvester Stallone is still out there fighting the action movie fight for moviegoers everywhere, but he seems to be losing a little bit of his faith these days. Sure, he's got plenty of action on the way with The Expendables 2 and The Tomb both headed for theaters, but he sees a new threat rising that might kill the genre that made his name forever, and it's a threat clad in tights and cape.

Legendary comics writer Mark Waid slams dark comic book movies
Matthew Jackson

One of the most prolific writers in modern comics is tired of films taking superheroes to the dark side.

Things Don't Have To Crash Into Other Things: Solutions to 6 superhero movie problems

Veteran film critic Matt Zoller Seitz says superhero movies are broken. Here's how we'd fix them.

20 superheroes and the Winter Olympics sports they've got to try
Matthew Jackson

Sometimes, when you look at superheroes and Olympians, it's a bit hard to tell the two apart.

15 American presidents who got sci-fi super powers
Evan Hoovler

We're celebrating Presidents' Day by hailing to the chiefs who hunt vampires, travel through time and bring new meaning to the term "executive power."

Why Marvel and Warner Bros. need to take a big superhero diversity step. Now.
Matthew Jackson

We live in an exciting time for superhero movies, but something's missing, and it's getting harder and harder to ignore.

Still wondering why superheroes wear underwear on the outside? Watch this
Matthew Jackson

Underwear on the outside is one of the very oldest superhero conventions, but many people still don't know why it exists in the first place.

23 amazing gifts your superhero sidekicks will love this holiday season
Matthew Jackson

If you're having trouble with your holiday shopping this year, you can take comfort in this fact: everyone loves superheroes.

Why Alan Moore thinks superhero hits like The Avengers are 'alarming'
Matthew Jackson

Alan Moore has never been shy about showing his disapproval, and this time that disapproval is turned on the rising popularity of superheroes.

Artist reboots skimpy female superhero costumes to make them more realistic
Matthew Jackson

Iconic designs are great and all, but sometimes a woman needs to kick ass in a more practical supersuit.

Life ain't Kick-Ass: Wanna-be superhero gets arrested for prowling
Trent Moore

As we get ready to watch Kick-Ass 2 this weekend to show us how to be a legit low-budget hero, one poor guy in Pennsylvania is out to remind the world that we can’t all be comic book characters.