Livewire and Roulette return in new trailer for Supergirl’s midseason premiere

Supergirl will be returning from its winter hiatus on Jan. 23 with an episode directed by none other than Kevin Smith. 

Supergirl casts Once Upon a Time alum to play live-action Mr. Mxyzptlk

While The Flash has tackled his fair share of semi-silly villains, Supergirl is preparing to take on one of the quirkiest baddies in DC lore.

The Flash and Supergirl to take on The Music Meister in musical crossover

There have been rumblings that Flash and Supergirl’s next meeting would reunite the Glee alums in a musical event, and now it’s official.

Metallo, Livewire and more Supergirl villains to return in 2017

The Maiden of Might is about to come face to face with some familiar baddies when Supergirl returns in 2017.

Aliens and time travel galore in new Supergirl and Flash midseason trailers

Both Flash and Supergirl left some major threads hanging in 2016, and we finally have our first look at what’s to come next month. From ticking death clocks to alien journeys, 2017 is already looking up.

Full Flash, Arrow, Supergirl and Legends trailer is the Justice League you always wanted
Nov 25, 2016

With the massive, week-long CW crossover kicking off next week, the network has finally dropped a trailer for “Heroes v Aliens.” Spoiler alert: It is glorious.