super mario bros.

An ultra-rare prototype for Super Mario Bros. apparently sold for $200 then disappeared
Sep 2, 2016

An early, prototype version of Super Mario Bros. for the NES apparently surfaced with little fanfare, and has seemingly vanished back into obscurity. Umm.

Super Mario Brothers + Grand Theft Auto = The game of our dreams
Jul 4, 2015

Ah, the innocence of Super Mario Brothers. Oh, the grittiness of Grand Theft Auto. If only those two great tastes could somehow be combined! Well, now they have been.

Bizarre bluegrass performance of Super Mario Bros. theme song
Jul 4, 2015

Nothing that makes us feel like kids again and has us itching to touch our joysticks more than hearing that old Super Mario Brothers theme song. Suddenly we're back in the basement and jumping for gold coins once more. When that song is performed by the bluegrass band The Cleverlys, though, we feel a bit weird. But in a GOOD way.

Bob Hoskins wants you to know he knows Super Mario Brothers sucked
Jul 4, 2015

In our recent piece on 15 good, bad and utterly unbearable videogame-based movies, we wrote about Super Mario Brothers that, "everything that was magical and fun about the game was made dreary and dark." Turns out we're not the only ones who feel that way.

5 Words: Super Mario Game of Thrones
Jul 4, 2015

What do you get when you combine the opening of Game of Thrones with the SNES classic, Super Mario World? Poetry. Pure, 16-bit poetry.

Spider-Man producer Avi Arad in talks to make a series of animated Mario Bros. movies
Dec 12, 2014

The long-running producer behind the Spider-Man movies, Avi Arad, is planning to make a series of Super Mario Bros. animated films next.

Read Chronicle writer Max Landis' 436-page script for a Super Mario World movie
Oct 21, 2014

The Mario Bros. franchise helped kick off the videogame-to-movie craze, but that doesn’t mean that 1993 dud of a film was actually any good. Well, Max Landis wants a do-over.

Not Guilty: Super Mario Bros.
May 30, 2014

We find the diamonds in the rough of this sewer-diving adaptation of one of the most famous videogame franchises ever.

How many miles did Mario really travel in the original NES Super Mario Bros.?
Apr 10, 2014

We all have fond memories of playing Super Mario Bros. back in the glorious 1980s, but exactly how far did our favorite mustachioed plumber actually travel to save the princess?

50 awesome cosplay pics from Dragon Con 2013
Sep 5, 2013

If there's one thing you can always count on at Dragon Con, it's seeing some of the most enthusiastic cosplaying around.

Why human rights activists dressed up like Super Mario to protest Nintendo
Jun 27, 2013

Just because they're dressed as the famous plumber, doesn't mean they're fans of Mario.

VIDEO: 40 sad, hilarious death scenes from 25 years of Super Mario
Dec 16, 2012

It's hard to believe Nintendo's beloved video game mascot Mario has been around for 31 years, ever since his debut as Jumpman in the original 1981 Donkey Kong. What is not so hard to believe is the 40 different ways game designers have devised to kill of the little Italian plumber if you fall off a platform, or get popped by a turtle shell.

Image of the Day: The moment Mario decided to become Super Mario
Dec 15, 2012

Image of the Day: The moment Mario decided to become Super Mario