Nathan Fillion rocks mask and fierce wig in new Super trailer
Dec 14, 2012

With Rainn Wilson as an average Joe turned superhero in James Gunn's oddball comedy Super, we knew we were in for something quite a bit different than those other superhero pics coming down the road. But it took the film's new trailer to show just how different.

Rainn Wilson and Liv Tyler expose Super's disgusting romantic side
Dec 14, 2012

Admit it—you've always known that there was a fine line between superhero and sociopath. And in our exclusive interviews with the stars of Super, Rainn Wilson explains how he helped erase that line.

Early Super clip is kinda funny, kinda gritty and full of swears
Dec 14, 2012

The first clip from the James Gunn film Super was just posted by ComingSoon, and it gives us a look at how Rainn Wilson and Ellen Page are going to play their "real people as superhero" roles. Judging from this clip -- where a beaten, bloody man who may or (more likely) may not be a bad guy lies moaning in pain at the foot of the two would be heroes while they argue -- it's going to be a very dark comedy.

James Gunn's Super comedy turns ultraviolent in bloody WTF clip
Dec 14, 2012

When someone cuts in line ahead of me at a movie theater, I tend to just grumble and take it ... but in my head, I'm going all medieval, sort of like Rainn Wilson in this new clip from James Gunn's superhero comedy Super, which shows what should happen to ALL who dare to cut.

1st look at Kevin Bacon and Ellen Page in James Gunn's Super
Dec 14, 2012

James Gunn's bizarre comedy Super intends to turn the superhero genre on its head—the ultraviolent trailer already proved that—so we've been looking forward to catching a glimpse of Ellen Page in a superhero costume that WASN'T Kitty Pryde.

Get an early taste of James Gunn's superhero spoof here
Dec 14, 2012

Ellen Page talks about James Gunn's upcoming superhero spoof movie Super.